The Software that Increased My Premium Eyewear Capture Rate from 55% to 70%

An optician in Dr. Justin’s practice working with a patient. Dr. Justin says Paradeyem software has made it much easier and more efficient for opticians to work with patients.

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By Lauretta Justin, OD

March 9, 2022

Your patients benefit from getting the precise lenses you recommended, with all the lens treatments that can benefit them, and with a frame they will want to wear. Your practice benefits when those eyewear sales stay in your office. A new software I implemented two years ago, Paradeyem, has gone a long way toward helping my patients fulfill the glasses prescriptions I write in my office rather than shopping elsewhere or forgoing the recommended lens treatments.

Eyewear packages are now simple for my staff to sell and easy for my patients to buy. The technology allows my staff to input my recommendations for each patient’s lenses, along with the patient’s insurance.

After inputting the co-pays, the software then instantly calculates what the patient’s out-of-pocket costs will be for their new glasses for each of the eyewear packages the patient can choose from. There is now no need for our opticians to do these calculations themselves, eliminating errors in how much patients are charged. Patients can quickly see how much each eyewear package will cost them after their insurance has been applied, and exactly what they will be getting with each package.

Systematize the Optical Sales Process
We offer two eyewear packages. Each package has three different lens design levels, three different AR levels and three different lens material levels. The premium package includes photochromic lenses or blue light. Patients are offered the packages as their best and ideal option during sales presentations. However, we still offer a la carte selection as needed.

This software has systematized our optical sales process. The presentation is consistent regardless of the team member involved. Even though I’m not present during the sales process, I know exactly what my patients are getting. I know, for instance, that if I prescribed AR polycarbonate lenses, that is what the patient will be getting. I know that whatever package the patient chooses they will be provided with a quality pair of glasses.

With Paradeyem, as the practice owner, I can ensure that my patients get the absolute best products to give them the solution they need. I don’t have to rely on my optical staff to remember what to do. It’s done for them.

This technology has given me peace of mind in my optical. I no longer worry about staff leaving because now I have a system that automates the patient selection and purchasing process, rather than relying on one particular person in the optical. With this system in place, I am no longer dependent on any one person.

Track & Improve Capture Rate
Before Paradeyem, we didn’t have a good way to track our premium package capture rate. Since we’ve been using the software, not only have we been able to track that data, we were also able to increase it from 55 percent to 70 percent. That means seven out 10 patients who buy glasses form us, purchase the premium package.

The sharp increase in premium eyewear purchased from us makes this a technology that is worth 100 times the investment. You can calculate in dollars how much additional revenue you are bringing into the office due to the increase in sales. However, the benefit goes beyond that to creating patients who leave your office happy that they had easy-to-understand eyewear options, and that they were able to choose one that included everything the doctor prescribed. Patients want to be able to walk out the door of their eye doctor’s office with a pair of glasses ordered that they will love. It saves them the trouble of having to shop around and possibly make a purchase from a big-box store or online retailer of lower-quality glasses, which they will regret buying.

Simply & Enhance Staff Efficiency
Paradeyem makes it so much easier for my staff. They no longer have to memorize the products covered by each insurance plan. The software does that for them. And when there are changes, we don’t need to retrain. They just present the package. It’s a lot more efficient. My staff loves it.

Prior to Paradeyem, it took 30-45 minutes for frame and lens sales. Now, 10-15 minutes, they’re done. That’s pretty efficient.

Reduce Lab Errors & Remakes
We no longer have the wrong lens ordered from the lab than what was sold to the patient. The lab and insurance features enable me as the owner to control what each staff member does. This is helping us not only ensure compliance, but offer the best care.

Lauretta Justin, OD, is the founder of Millennium Eye Center in Orlando, Fla. To contact her: 



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