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Review of Optometric Business is an online publication designed to provide the optometrist with a tool set to manage and grow the practice as a business.

For today’s optometrist, the clinical practice sits within the business practice. The better your business practice does, the more income you have available to provide better clinical care — to hire more staff, to purchase better equipment, to expand the physical location of the practice.

Just as the profession of optometry is changing, so is the field of journalism. No longer are magazines agents of top-down information. They are a forum for exchanging knowledge, an ongoing conversation between writers, editors and readers. Today, everyone is a content provider.

For this very reason, we are building Review of Optometric Business as an interactive journal. With each article, we ask for your feedback. We welcome your ideas, in written form, in photographs, in videos and in still-emerging technology formats. As you share your insights and strategies with other readers, our collective knowledge base grows.

Your optometric business can — and should — be planned, grown and managed according to sound and proven business principles. Review of Optometric Business in your resource to help you to make growth happen.

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