The Software Increasing Eyewear Sales & Cutting Sales Time in Half

Dr. Turrisi with her optical team. She says that Paradeyem has boosted the patient optical shopping experience while making the work of opticians more efficient and error-free.

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By Kirsten Turrisi, OD

July 13, 2022

When patients visit your office, you want to deliver the best of care. That includes ensuring they leave with the high-quality eyewear you prescribed. You want them to leave happy, and be happy yourself knowing the glasses you sold to the patient meets their needs.

I have a technology in my practice, Paradeyem, that is helping me accomplish all of those goals, and in the process, increasing profitability and cutting sales time.

Creating a More Efficient & Effective Sales Process
We started using Paradeyem at the beginning of April 2022. Our goal was to reduce the time our opticians spent with patients without sacrificing customer service. And we wanted to do this while generating strong sales.

Paradeyem allows our staff to quickly provide patients with price quotes for the glasses I prescribed, which we offer in package options. After inputting the co-pays, the software then instantly calculates what the patient’s out-of-pocket costs will be for their new glasses, depending on the package they chose. There is now no need for our opticians to do these calculations themselves. Patients can quickly see how much each option for their eyewear will cost after their insurance has been applied, and exactly which features they will be getting in their new glasses.

Our opticians can then simply print out a selection of three packages to present, and the majority of patients will select from those three options quickly. This new, much easier process requires about half the time that our old, manual process required.

Reduce Errors, Boost Practice Income
Before Paradeyem, it was not unusual for mistakes to be made in our opticians’ calculations of how much patients owed us for their co-pays on glasses. That sometimes resulted in the practice not charging appropriately, and losing money. Since we started using Paradeyem, there have been virtually no mistakes or missed co-pays.

We no longer have to worry about missing a needed co-payment and missing out on the full payment owed to us, or having to tell a patient, who thought they had already paid, that a mistake was made and they owe us more money.

Easy for Both Our Staff & Patients to Use
This software is impressively user friendly. Within the first two days following implementation, our office was actively using it for every sale, and in less than a week our staff was 100 percent comfortable using it. Training was available by a Zoom meeting, as well as via videos for our staff to watch before going live. We felt fully supported in the implementation process, and never were in a position of not knowing what to do or who to call. We were able to get up and running with Paradeyem almost as soon as we invested in it.

The technology just gets better and better. Since we went live with it, Paradeyem has already made a few enhancements to the software that our staff recommended, and there are new features in the works that will make this software even more effective.

Offering Patients a Better Way to Buy Glasses
Patients, like any consumers, want to have options, but they don’t want so many options that they are overwhelmed and immobilized due to difficulty making a decision. They also want to be able to quickly see and understand what they will be getting with each purchase and how much each option will cost them after their vision benefits have been applied.

Paradeyem gives the patient easy-to-understand options, streamlining the decision-making process. It also gives them a clear comparison of how much their insurance plan is covering, so they see how much money they saved by using their vision benefits. Seeing that savings can give patients peace of mind, and, sometimes, spur a desire to purchase even more.

Free Your Staff to Deliver the Best Care & Service
In the past, staff time was often monopolized by the process of calculating the cost of eyewear options and finding ways to ensure patients understood what they were getting. With that task almost entirely removed, thanks to Paradeyem, they are able to concentrate on helping patients find the eyewear that will suit them best.

They can spend more time, for instance, educating patients about the benefits of the lens treatments I prescribed, or on helping the patient pick out frames that best match their style. When the sales conversation has been reduced in time, the focus shifts from cost to benefits, and all the products you have in your optical that the patient would love.

Technology like this that simplifies the work process for staff and the shopping process for patients helps us deliver great care and a great patient experience while generating sales. It’s an invaluable tool in our office.

Kirsten Turrisi, OD, is the co-owner of 20/20 Vision Center in Goldsboro and Greenville, N.C. To contact her:

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