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Technology that Makes it Easy to Sell Eyeglass Frame & Lens Bundles Now Also Offers Contact Lens Pricing & Comparison

Davison with members of the practice team of Brilliant Eyes, where he is a partner. The technology Davison created, Paradeyem greatly enhances both staff efficiency and the patient experience.

Davison (center) with members of the practice team of Brilliant Eyes Vision Center, where he is a partner. The technology Davison created, Paradeyem, greatly enhances both staff efficiency and the patient experience.

Software that eases sales of eyewear bundles & contact lenses and automates insurance verification, too.

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By Jimmie Davison
Chief Strategist, Paradeyem Software
and Partner, Brilliant Eyes Vision Center in Smyrna, Ga.

Feb. 28, 2024

Software that can take your patient experience and optical sales to the next level just got even better for both patients and practice. Paradeyem, which gives practices an easy way to create and sell eyewear bundles, now also offers an easy and efficient way to verify patient insurance and sell contact lenses.

How Does the New Insurance Verification Feature Work?

To start the journey, Paradeyem automatically verifies patient insurance for today and up to a week in advance of the patient’s appointment and finishes off the visit with the quote calculation.
• It automatically searches for vision plans such as Eyemed, VSP, Davis Vision, Superior Vision and Spectera.
• It eliminates the dedication of support staff time to insurance verification.
• It pulls in patient information from a wide range of EHRs including Crystal Practice Management, Compulink, RevolutionEHR and Eyefinity Practice Management.
• It can be used as a sole resource for insurance verification.
• Completing the journey, the patient is presented with easy-to-digest bundled quotes.

Auto-Calculate Eyewear Quotes

In addition to sharply reducing staff time needed to look for and verify patient insurance, Paradeyem auto-calculates eyewear quotes. The advantage of this feature of the technology?

• Dramatically increases your revenue per patient by allowing you to create a floor for your lens options and treatments.
• Speeds up the time spent with patients, allowing your opticians to spend time on other tasks and also getting your patient in and out…thereby improving their experience.
• Reduces common calculation errors, so your practice’s optical profitability is not reliant on your opticians’ math skills. What Paradeyem calculates is what your Eyemed or VSP expects you to claim.

More Easily Sell Eyewear Bundles to Both Insured & Out-of-Pocket Patients

Many doctors want to sell bundles/packages, but because of the differences among vision insurance plans, creating packages for both self-pay, and all of the various insurance benefits, is impossible.

Paradeyem allows you to create custom packages. Every other retail setting successfully sells bundles. This sales strategy is what our optometry competition and ALL other sectors of retail have mastered. And they do it, achieving more benefit for both the customer and for the business. Why not optical retail?

In our practice, for example, we offer three different packages, all starting with polycarbonate and going from the top package, including Tier 3 AR, a warranty and a lens cleaner kit, down to a basic package with just polycarbonate and a tier 2 AR…..And, the software calculates the packages with each patient’s out-of-pocket fees listed.

Paradeyem’s ability to quickly and easily calculate eyewear quotes makes it much easier to sell eyewear bundles (frames, lenses and lens treatments):

• Increases efficiency by selling good, better, best pre-packaged lens options to all patients.
• Increases revenue by creating a floor (minimum lens material or minimum lens treatment) sold at your practice.
• Increases revenue by the bundling of all cash (non-insurance related items) such as warranties, lens cleaner kits and even second pairs.

Paradeyem screen showing how easily the software gets patient price quotes on bundled eyewear.

And Now You Can Also Use Paradeyem to More Easily Sell Contact Lenses

In our practice, everything is sold as a bundle. We offer only annual and six-month supplies of contact lenses.
Why did we add contact lenses?

1. Patients often are quick to run out of the office assuming that contact lenses are cheaper online.
2. We wanted a quick way to show a patient how much their contact lenses cost, and if needed, show them that, with the rebates, purchasing from the private OD is more cost-effective for the patient.

This is an example of what a Paradeyem user would see when using the technology to get a patient a price quote for contact lenses:

What Paradeyem looks like as you use it to get instant price quotes for patients purchasing contact lenses.

Good for Patients AND Practice

It isn’t just your patients and bottom line that will love Paradeyem; your practice team will, too. Here are some of the rave reviews the software has gotten from support staff:

  • Paradeyem is much easier than calculating out charges by hand.
  • It’s easier to present the charges to patients.
  • Anybody can learn how to use the software. You don’t have to be a mathematician.
  • The quote Paradeyem produces looks more professional than writing it out by hand.

The positive feedback from practice teams is backed up by the impressive profitability metrics Paradeyem makes possible:

• Contact lens capture rate in our practice is around 80-85 percent with only six-month and annual supplies sold.
• Revenue per patient is in the 70 percent percentile nationally. But by bundling, we add an additional 10 percent of profit to each sale.
• We shaved off 15 minutes per transaction with each patient in the optical by only offering bundles.

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Jimmie DavisonJimmie Davison is Chief Strategist, Paradeyem, and a partner with Brilliant Eyes Vision Center in Smyrna, Ga. To contact him:

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