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3 Contact Lens Profitability Boosters

By ROB Editors

Shane Foster, OD, (right) with his practice’s newest associate, Eriq Hall, OD. Dr. Foster says that getting to the root of discomfort is a key to keeping patients in their contact lenses. The root of that discomfort is often dry eye disease.

Jan. 18, 2023

The contact lens area of independent practices can be challenging, with practices competing against online retailers, and needing to find ways to keep patients from dropping out of their lenses. Here is what has worked for three ROB contributors in keeping patients happy in their contacts and increasing contact lens sales.

How We Increased Revenue More Than 10% Every Year for Last 3 Years
By Vince Zingaro, OD
One of the most common responses I hear from new patients when I ask how their contact lenses are working out is “good.” As a doctor with a full schedule of patients, it’s a comforting response to hear. It would be easy for any doctor to quickly evaluate the fit and vision of the lens and move on to the next patient, however, I don’t believe that accepting “good” is in the best interest for the patient or your practice.

Here are a few reasons “good” is an inadequate response, and how we take our conversation with contact lens patients a step further to provide better care while increasing our practice profitability. >>READ MORE>>

How to Maximize Multifocal CL Profitability to Generate an Extra $60,000+ Annually
By Matthew Ward, OD
Presbyopic patients are eager to hear solutions that will help them recapture a sense of youthful vision. Many are also motivated to stay in their contact lenses. Others have never worn glasses and have no desire to start wearing them now. For most of these patients, multifocal contact lenses could be a way to happily manage presbyopia.

Here is how my practice delivers a high level of care to presbyopic patients while maximizing profitability. >>READ MORE>>

3 Actions We Took to Keep Patients in CLs & Increase Dry Eye Product Sales 16.5%
By Shane Foster, OD
Keeping patients in contact lenses long term results in satisfied, loyal patients and greater practice profitability. The ability to keep patients in their lenses sometimes requires getting to the root of discomfort, and in the process, providing additional care to patients and growing profitability even further.

Here’s the approach our practice takes to keep patients comfortable, and their eyes healthy, so they can stay in contact lenses for as many years as they like. >>READ MORE>>

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