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3 ODs Share How They Boosted Spectacle Lens Profitability

Jan. 25, 2023

The right lenses can create go-to glasses that patients live in. The wrong lenses can result in an immediate need for a remake or a patient who lives with the glasses unhappily just long enough to find a new optometrist. Three ROB contributors share how they created an optical that provides better spectacle lenses to improve patients’ lives and increase profitability.

How to Sell Near-Task-Specific Glasses & Generate $160,000+ Annually
By Michelle J. Hoff, OD, FAAO, ABOM, FNAO,
Isabel Kazemi, OD, FAAO,
and Mindi Lewis, MA, ABOC, FNAO
The digital eye strain, which so many people experienced during the pandemic, can be helped with near-task-specific glasses. Here is how prescribing and selling these glasses can both enhance patients’ lives and create an impressive new revenue stream. >>READ MORE>>

The Most Important Things to Do to Reduce Glasses Remakes
By Clint Taylor, OD
Glasses remakes can be expensive for practices and frustrating for patients. The remake percentage at our office, which includes lenses that need to remade due to prescription, material or measurement changes and also progressive or premium lens non-adapts, is just over 4 percent. That compares to a national remake rate that varies from 5 percent to 15 percent. Here are keys to reducing remakes, so happier patients and higher practice profits are created. >>READ MORE>>

6 Ways to Sell AR Lenses & Generate $59,000 More a Year
By Stuart J. Thomas, OD,
and Ellen Byrum-Goad, LDO
Anti-reflective (AR) lens treatments give your patients greater comfort and visual quality, and even make them look better in photos and videos by eliminating reflections on their lenses. AR should be an easy sell to patients, but can easily get overlooked in your opticians’ presentation to patients. Our practice has increased AR sales by starting in the exam room with the doctor’s recommendation.

We average 96 percent AR sales in our optical, and we have since 2010. AR adds approximately $59,000 per year to our revenue (890 pairs of eyeglasses x $ 67 profit on AR). Here is how we do it. >>READ MORE>>

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