The Revolutionary Rebate that Helped Us Sell 5 Pairs of Glasses to One Patient

Fabio Pineda, owner of Eye Boutique in Houston, Texas. Pineda says rebates powered by Anagram’s new software, Prosper have made a tremendous difference to sales.

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By Fabio Pineda

June 15, 2022

Getting patients to the point where they are ready to make one purchase, let alone several, is challenging. I discovered a new tool that makes this daunting task easier, and both our patients and office are reaping great rewards as a result.

I was fortunate enough to be one of the first offices to pilot Anagram’s new software, Prosper. From day one I could see this would be a game-changer for anyone who applies it to their day-to-day business.

Prosper is an absolute no-brainer. It’s a real-time rebate program that is easy to use and reduces discounts given from the practice. To me this is just a win-win situation.

Anagram is known for Access, their out-of-network billing software. Unfortunately, reimbursements for in-network ECPs continue to stay the same while costs rise. Trying to make up those margins by increasing patient volume is usually an unsustainable strategy.

Anagram Access makes dropping vision plans easier by allowing us to verify out-of-network eligibility and submit out-of-network claims on our patients’ behalf. Now Prosper is helping us increase multiple-pair sales and capture rate while delighting patients.

Create Delighted Patients & More Valuable Transactions
We’ve been able to drop discounts on our end while implementing this incredible program. The rebates allow us to lower or remove out-of-pocket promotions while offering the same discounts as we did before Prosper. That is what makes this partnership key.

Sending a rebate is probably the easiest part of the whole sales process. Anyone can be taught how to file a rebate in just a minute—and never fail.

The interactions that we have with customers are very positive when we explain the additional rebate benefits available through our Anagram partners. They often tell us they’ve never received any kind of incentive like this before from any other office.

We don’t normally sell with cost savings in mind because we offer a unique shopping experience. But, once we begin the quote process for any sale and we mention that the product is eligible for a rebate, the customer always gets a smile on their face.

Those cash-pay patients are always appreciative of any additional discount offers by our partners. This, in turn, leads to more multiple-pair purchases when coupled with our in-store promotions.

Capture rate is always high with Anagram and second-pair purchases happen several times per week with Prosper rebates in place. This past weekend alone we had a customer purchase not one but five different pairs of glasses.

Giving Patients Greater Options with Rebate-Eligible Nikon Lenswear
Prosper is built on price lists that Anagram develops with vendors to lower cost of goods for ECPs and create savings to pass on to patients as instant rebates. We signed on to Nikon’s price list.

We use Prosper rebates to incentivize customers to purchase our Nikon lenswear and qualifying frames. It helps to have them try lenses that they normally would not. With the rebates we can offer through Prosper, those are usually Nikon progressive lenses.

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I only have praise for everyone who works for Nikon. They offer incredible customer service, turnaround time on par with any other lab in the market and lens technology that is amazing! To me their lenses are on equal grounds, and in some ways even better, than anything else on the market today.

My lab orders typically take 3-5 business days to arrive at my office. Anytime a job will take longer due to the difficulty of the lens, they’ve always communicated that to us so we can inform the patient of the delay.

Whether online or in person, when asked about the lenses we use I only speak of the great quality of lenses from Nikon. At this point we have fit close to 100 patients with Nikon lenses and have had 0 remakes due to non-adapts.

Working with Anagram has only become easier and easier as their technology has evolved and I would recommend any out-of-network offices to sign up if they have not done so already. I can attest that Anagram is supporting us in far more ways than any ECP ever has, and I expect them to continue to help me grow my business into the future.

Fabio Pineda is the owner of Eye Boutique in Houston, Texas. To contact him:

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