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The Progressive Lens that Just Works–for Both Patients AND Opticians

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By Luelinda Tomlin, OD

Nov. 9, 2022

Progressive lenses can be a difficult adjustment for patients and a hard sell for opticians. However, the right lens can make all the difference in how easily patients adapt to their new glasses and how smooth the fitting process is for opticians. Here are the details on the lens, Unity® Via II, that has proven a game-changer for us, powering patient satisfaction, while enabling simplicity and ease for staff.

A Lens that Challenges Past Experiences with Progressives
Many patients have had bad experiences in the past with progressive lenses and are afraid to try again. For example, they may have experienced head bobbing and difficulty finding the “sweet spot.” Many have also experienced peripheral distortions and the lenses giving them a “funhouse feel.” It is also all too common for patients to experience trouble walking in their progressives, especially downstairs. Many patients hear these stories of dissatisfaction with progressives long before they even get a chance to try a pair for themselves.

I have worn other progressives that, when I first put them on, felt, “Whoa…there is no way I’m wearing this lens—too much of a weird sensation.” The new Unity Via II lenses have less peripheral distortion than most other progressive lenses, a wider and larger reading area and are easy to adapt to. In fact, from the moment I first tried Unity Via II, everything felt so natural! There was no swim and no distortion and, even though most of the time I wear a computer lens while at work, I was able to wear my Unity Via II lenses at the computer without feeling a lot of eyestrain, unlike my other “regular” progressives.

As one of my opticians noted, this lens has larger intermediate and reading zones. With the current digital environment we are in right now, 90 percent of the people are on computers, laptops and cellphones. Those conditions make a progressive with a design like Unity Via II the most ideal option.

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A Progressive that Some Say Even Surpasses Comfort of a Single-Vision Lens
Patients often tell our opticians how great the visual clarity is with Unity Via II. Some even tell us they noticed an improvement in their vision compared to their old single-vision glasses. We have even tried out high hyperopia patients in this lens. Even in these challenging cases, adaptation was smooth and easy.

Easy for Even New Team Members to Fit
When you have a lens like Unity Via II, opticians’ jobs become easier, so that even an optician who is less seasoned, and new to your office, can successfully fit these lenses.

While I am fortunate to have an experienced staff in the optical that can explain the various nuances of progressives, I would also feel confident that less-experienced staff could easily fit this lens design perfectly with minimal adjustments.

One of my opticians did a blind study. The patient was in the Unity Via lens, and when he ordered a “spare” pair, she ordered the Unity Via II lens without telling him she was doing so. When he picked up the new glasses, he commented “WOW, these are so clear—they are great!” My optician then explained the new, enhanced technology to him, and he was thrilled. He commented that his new “spare pair” will be the ones he wears, and the others will be his “back-up” pair.

Premium Progressives Within Reach
One of the benefits of fitting Unity Via II lenses is that they fall into the category of premium progressives, yet are still affordable. They also qualify for benefits under our Platinum level status within the VSP Vision™ Premier Program. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Create a Practice Differentiator
We receive positive comments and reviews all the time about our service to our patients. Unity Via II is a part of that excellent service we provide with quality products.

Unity Via II helps to set us apart from the big-box, retail chains that may provide a less-than-stellar product. For those patients who appreciate and value quality, we are here to serve them. When a patient uses their vision insurance to purchase a high-quality product from our office, and perhaps goes elsewhere to get a “cheap second pair,” they notice the difference. Many times, patients tell us they won’t make that mistake again.

With Unity Via II, they learn that, even if they have to spend slightly more, they will get a high-quality product providing excellent performance and comfort, that’s well worth it. They want the best, and we give it to them with superior products like Unity Via II.

Luelinda Tomlin, OD, is the owner of Tomlin Eye Care in Long Beach, Calif. To contact her: drt@tomlineyecare.com


For more information, check out the latest Unity Via II blog post and learn more about dispensing these new progressives by registering for a FREE online course at UUniversity!


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