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The Spectacle Lens that Transformed My Practice

Dr. Hurley with the NMD2 Neurolens measurement device. He says Neurolens has been a game-changer for both his patients and his practice.

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By Jason N. Hurley, OD

Nov. 2, 2022

When patients visit our office, we always want to provide the highest quality care possible while creating a great experience. In an effort to advance the care we are able to provide, our office decided to implement Neurolens technology. Here are the details on the spectacle lens, Neurolens, that makes it possible for us to give our patients the care they deserve.

A Patient-Pleasing Profitability Builder
We incorporated Neurolens into our practice two years ago, based on a strong recommendation from our practice management consultant, Rick Guinotte of Acquios Advisors. He strongly recommended Neurolens as a great way to improve care and service to patients while increasing revenue. Not only has it been extremely beneficial for our patient outcomes, it has been great for our practice success as well.

Neurolens has increased our per-patient revenue by about $100. Over the past two years, we have seen patients drive as far away as four hours just to see us and get Neurolenses. These patients are coming from faraway places over longer and longer distances because family members or friends have shared just how much Neurolenses can change their life.

Glasses that Do More than Just Provide Sharp Vision
In our office, we use Neurolenses as a go-to way to help solve our patients’ symptoms. Of course, you can get a pair of glasses that will improve your vision, but why not get a pair that is going to improve your vision while also providing a life-changing solution to ongoing symptoms like headaches and eye strain? We do everything we can to help patients into Neurolenses because we see the impact on a daily basis.

On average in the U.S., 20 percent of patients with a prescription will choose Neurolens. In our practice, that average is around 30 percent! This is because we take the time to educate our patients to help them make the choice that is best for them.

Take the Time to Learn About Your Patients’ Lifestyles & Follow-Up
To better care for our patients, we use a simple lifestyle questionnaire—essentially a symptom screener. Any patient 10 years and older fills this out prior to their exam. Our technicians then run the Neurolens Measurement Device, Gen 2—or NMD2—on all those patients. We then go through the results with the patient, connecting the dots between their symptoms and their sight. I show and explain to them in simple terms how the symptoms they regularly experience are a result of overstimulation of the trigeminal nerve. I joke around that where their eyes point is like being pigeon-toed or duck footed. Through this education, they better understand how Neurolens will help fix their “ocular duck feet” and in turn, relieve their symptoms.

In doing this, patients are also learning how their eyes and their eyes’ alignment are affecting them every day. As their eyecare provider, I also now have a better understanding of their overall health and wellness, having a fuller picture of the symptoms they regularly experience and why. At this point, I like having my optician present to help the patient make a confident lens decision. The opticians are always sharing their favorite stories of lives we have changed by prescribing Neurolens.

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We always follow up with each patient about 2-3 weeks after dispensing the eyewear to make sure everything is going well. The reactions to the improvements our patients have is priceless.

Let Your Community Know You Provide Next-Level Eyecare
A product like Neurolens doesn’t just change patients’ lives; it changes how people perceive your practice. We send this message to our community: “We Provide Next-Level Eyecare.” Neurolens technology fits perfectly with other advanced technology and visual solutions we offer, including our wide-field imaging, keratograph dry eye suite, Lumenis IPL, OCT, scleral lenses, great frames and products. My patients “SEE the Difference.”

Neurolens is an incredible technology that is truly life changing. Ninety-seven percent of our patients find relief with these glasses. Neurolens is a great way to differentiate an independent practice. It allows you to practice next-level eyecare.

Jason N. Hurley, OD, is a partner with Eye Care of Rigby in Rigby, Idaho. To contact him: eyecareofrigby@yahoo.com


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