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    Major Threats Faced By Independent ODs

    By Thomas F. SteinerDirector of Research, Review of Optometric BusinessAre you aware of the threats facing your practice? Once you recognize the...

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    Market Your Value Proposition to Patients: Specifically, Why Choose You?

    By Amir Khoshnevis, ODEstablish what your value proposition is to patients, then differentiate your brand in your marketing.

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    The Optometric Minute

    Be Positive, and Always Thank Your Patient

    Eric M. White, OD, of Complete Family Vision Care in San Diego, believes that positivity is infectious. A doctor who is positive...

  • The Optometric Minute

    Key to Practice Growth: Good Digital Patient Communication

    Tommy Lim, OD, of Berryessa Optometry in San Jose, Calif., says that, in contrast to the time-intensive process of building a practice...

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    Social Media

    Twitter: Social Media Tool for Get-to-the-Point Messaging

    By Steve Vargo, OD, MBA Twitter lets you stay in constant touch with your patients using brief targeted messages. Use this free...

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    Social Media

    Google Plus Primed: Make it a Powerful Part of Your Marketing Mix

    By Steve Vargo, OD, MBAThis free social network tool offers distinct marketing advantages like organizing your contacts into discrete “circles.” Here’s how...

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    Practice Metrics

    How Do Your Patients Decide Where to Purchase Contact Lenses?

    By Carole Burns, OD, FCOVD, and Mark Wright, OD, FCOVDPrice and convenience are the two key concerns of patients when they decide...

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    Practice Metrics

    How Satisfied Are Patients with Their Current Eye Doctor?

    By Carole Burns, OD, FCOVD, and Mark Wright, OD, FCOVDAt least half of your patients may not be thrilled with you. According...

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    Practice Metrics

    How Many of You Have a Facebook Account for Your Practice?

    By Carole Burns, OD, FCOVD, and Mark Wright, OD, FCOVDMore than half of ECPs, including independent ODs, do not yet have a...

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    Practice Metrics

    How Many Consumers Buy Frames from Independent Optical Shops?

    By Carole Burns, OD, FCOVD, and Mark Wright, OD, FCOVDIndependent ECPs, including independent ODs, get a sizable chunk of consumer frame purchases,...

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    OD Business Innovators

    2013 Optometric Business Innovators: Marketing

     Forward-thinking ODs provide fresh ideas. They are the focus of our second annual Optometric Business Innovators report from Vision Monday and Review...

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    News Briefs Archive

    Essilor Foundation Provides Free Glasses and Screening at Special Olympics

    Through their partnership with the Special Olympics Opening Eyes  program, the Essilor Vision Foundation provided more than 475 pairs of glasses to...

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    News Briefs Archive

    ReachLocal to Provide Online Marketing to Eyefinity Clients

    A strategic partnership has been announced between ReachLocal, a provider of online marketing services for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), and Eyefinity,...

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    Challenges and Opportunities in the Future of Independent Optometry

    By Thomas F. SteinerDirector of Research, Review of Optometric BusinessEarlier this year, Vision Source commissioned the editors of Review of Optometric Business...

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    Competitive Strengths of Independent ODs

    By Thomas F. SteinerDirector of Research, Review of Optometric BusinessAre you aware of the many competitive advantages independent ODs possess? Here are...

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    Independent ODs’ Position in the Primary Eyecare Market

    By Thomas F. SteinerDirector of Research, Review of Optometric BusinessAre you a player in the primary eyecare market or just standing by?...

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    Capture Rate Booster: Train Staff to Fill Patient Prescriptions

    By Stuart J. Thomas, OD, and Ellen Byrum-Goad, LDOTrain your staff to persuade patients to shop your optical dispensary before they walk their...

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    Trunk Show: Plan Well and Reap the Benefits

    By Stuart J. Thomas, OD, and Ellen Byrum-Goad, LDOCreate excitement with a trunk show that features new and distinctive eyewear. Good planning and...

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    The Optometric Minute

    How It’s Done: Staff Leadership

    Mike Rothschild, OD, founder of Leadership OD, an online practice-building program and founder of West Georgia Eyecare in Carrollton, Ga., says that...

  • Doctor Patient Relations

    Show Patients the Added Value Your Practice Provides

    By Brian Chou, OD, FAAOshow patients the added value of the products and services you provide.

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    Medical Model

    Spring Brings Opportunities in Treating Ocular Allergies

    By Arthur B. Epstein, OD, FAAOAs spring allergy season approaches, take steps to enhance and publicize your ocular allergy services. Providing this...

  • Finances

    Understand Terms of Leased Instrumentation to Save Money

    By Robert Schultz and Jeanne FletcherLeasing can provide a cost-effective way to add instrumentation to your office. By fully understanding the terms...

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    The Optometric Minute

    Use Facebook and Doctor Locators to Stay Connected to Patients

     Cheryl Archer, OD, of Premier Vision Group in Bowling Green and Lima, Ohio, keeps in touch with patients with daily updates to...

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    Compete with All Retailers for Share of Patient Dollars

     When merchandising, we tend to look at other optical retailers. Fact is, we compete with all retailers for share of patient dollars—and...

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    Doctor Patient Relations

    Make Your Practice Teen-Ready

     Welcome teenagers: emerging consumers! Create promotions that speak to both teen patients and their parents, and accommodate the special scheduling needs of...

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    Marketing by the Numbers: Measure Often for Success

     By Alissa Wald, OD, and Scott DanielsMarketing your practice costs money--so make sure you’re getting a good ROI for your marketing campaign....

  • ROB Blog

    Foursquare: A Practice-Patient Relationship Builder

    Foursquare: A Practice-Patient Relationship Builder By Nathan Bonilla-Warford, OD Nathan Bonilla-Warford, OD Most of you know April 15 is tax day. But...

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