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    Elevate Satisfied Patients to Loyal Patients

    Hear a Power Hour analysis of the Harvard Business Review study on how loyal patients—different from satisfied patients--provide a long-term annuity to...

  • Doctor Patient Relations

    Reduce No-Shows by Stressing the Value of an Appointment

    By Brian Chou, OD, FAAOBy stressing the value of an appointment, you can minimize no-shows and keep your exam chair full.

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    Demonstrate Safety Features When Marketing Sports Eyewear

    By Keshav Bhat, ODSports-related eye injuries are numerous and can be devastating. Cite government data and safety benefits in presenting protective sports...

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    OD Business Innovators

    2014 Optometric Business Innovators: The Patient Experience

     Forward-thinking ODs provide fresh ideas. They are the focus of our fourth annual Optometric Business Innovators report from Vision Monday and Review of...

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    Insights From Our Editors

    How Soon Can Your Patients Schedule an Appointment with You?

    By Carole Burns, OD, FCOVD, and Mark Wright, OD, FCOVDMost people have a week’s wait for an appointment with their eye doctor,...

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    The Making of a Successful Promotional Campaign

    By Chad Waggoner, ODand Kimberly Manthe, ABOA promotional event that offers a discount on lenses and/or frames can boost profitability--if you roll...

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    CooperVision WebSystem3 Launch: Eye Care Prime Premier Digital Marketing

    Eye Care Prime Premier, introduced by CooperVision through its subsidiary WebSystem3, offers digital marketing services to eyecare practices throughout the US.

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    Go Local: Help Neighborhood Businesses–and Your Own–to Grow

    By Ally Stoeger, ODNetworking with and supporting other local businesses can generate practice growth ideas and reciprocal good will.

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    Patient Referrals: Track Them and Grow Your Practice

    By Charles Turner, ODPatient referrals to friends and family are key to practice growth. Here is how to track and build valuable...

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    Multi-Platform Marketing: Enagage Patients Online–But Make the In-Office Sale

    By Justin Bazan, ODOnline platforms offer great ways to engage patients about new optical products—but a memorable in-office experience makes the sale.

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    Be the Red Zebra: Stand Out from Other ODs in Your Community

    By Maria Sampalis, ODIndependent optometrists have competitors down the street and online today, along with competition from multiple corporate-owned chains. Here is...

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    Providing Eyecare for the Needy

    By MaryAnn Ragone, MAS, MPHParticipating in outreach community efforts that provide eyecare and eyewear to the needy is the right thing to...

  • Marketing

    Web Site Videos: A Powerful Education and Marketing Tool

    By Steve Vargo, OD, MBAVideos are more than a way to fill your practice web site and Facebook page. Videos also are...

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    Patient Satisfaction Surveys: Measure to Improve!

    By Ken Krivacic, OD, MBAPatient satisfaction surveys reveal what patients really think of your practice--and show you areas for improvement. New online...

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    Networking with Other ODs and MDs: A Referrals Booster

    By Maria Sampalis, ODNetworking with other ODs and MDs is a key to building a practice that becomes a part of the...

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    Social Media

    Proactively Manage Online Reviews to Shape Your Practice’s Image

    By Charles Turner, ODActively solicit and manage patient feedback online to build your practice's brand in your community. You will show existing patients...

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    Patient Financing: Your Marketing Advantage

    By Jeffrey W. Robertson, ODand Jennifer C. Lane, ODOffering patient financing to purchase eyewear can provide you with a practice differentiator that...

  • Marketing

    Spam in Your Patients’ Eyes: Correct Eye Health Misconceptions that are Marketed to Your Patients

    By Brian Chou, OD, FAAODisreputable marketers are sending your patients e-mail advertising false eye health claims. Be aware of the patient education...

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    Insights From Our Editors

    How Many Lower-Income Vs. Higher-Income Consumers Opt for No-Line Bifocal/Progressives?

    By Carole Burns, OD, FCOVD, and Mark Wright, OD, FCOVDThere is a disparity between higher and lower income consumers when it comes...

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    An Open Letter to Contact Lens Manufacturers

    By Brian Chou, OD, FAAOContact lens vendors who sell to optometric practices can be an ODs best friend--if the relationship is productive...

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    Insights From Our Editors

    Do Refractive Surgery/LASIK Patients Still Need Vision Correction?

    By Carole Burns, OD, FCOVD, and Mark Wright, OD, FCOVDYou have an opportunity to provide ongoing vision care and products to post-refractive...

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    Silhouette Optical Introduces iMirror Try-On App

    Silhouette Optical has simplified the process of eyewear styling with its new iMirror app. The Silhouette iMirror app lets eyeglass wearers use...

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    Insights From Our Editors

    Do Most of Your Patients Seek a One-Stop Eyewear Shopping Experience?

    By Carole Burns, OD, FCOVD, and Mark Wright, OD, FCOVDYour patients may be looking for more of a one-stop-shopping experience than you...

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    The Optometric Minute

    Your Practice Must Be a Special Place

    Barry Farkas, OD, FAAO, of Farkas, Kassalow, Resnick, ODs, in New York City, says that a successful practice communicates a quality of...

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    News Briefs Archive

    Transitions Optical Tests Direct Response TV Ad

    Transitions Optical, Inc. has kicked off a national test of a new direct response “edutainment-style” television advertisement, designed to generate an immediate...

  • Marketing

    Speak Up: Protect Yourself Legally When Invited to Speak

    By Pamela Miller, OD, FAAO, JDSpeaking at the invitation of a vendor can establish you as an authority in your profession and...

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    Media Training: Communicate Effectively with Local TV, Radio, Print & Online Media

    By Dale Buettner, ODMedia training equips you to effectively communicate on local TV, radio, print and online media—and to become a regular...

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