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The Technology Powering Our Thoroughly Modern 30-Minute Prescription Eyewear Experience

The Visionix VX 120+ , shown above, has proven both a care and efficiency booster.

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By Lilan Le, OD
Director, Optometry Operations, HEYWEAR

March 22, 2023

Modern patients are modern consumers who expect a convenient, fast and smooth experience in your office. In our offices, patients know they will receive the best of care and the best of experiences. We deliver both, thanks to being equipped with the right technology. Here are the details on the Visionix VX 120+ and VX 40 that have made such a difference for our patients and us.

Automating an Exam While Maintaining a High Level of Care
We have had the Visionix VX 120+ multimodal screener in our office since February 2019. We chose this unique device because it offers several features and benefits that maximize our efficiency and level of patient care.

The VX 120+ is a highly advanced screening tool that uses multiple modalities to quickly and accurately assess the anterior segment of the eye. This comprehensive data gives us information regarding a patient’s visual acuity, angles, cataracts, corneal shape and other important factors. The functionality and efficiency of the device help us automate our exams while providing patients with a faster, more efficient and more personalized encounter.

Giving Patients the Best, Most Efficient & Consistent Experience
To us, having a “modern optical” means using the latest technology and techniques to provide our customers with the best and most efficient care. By investing in equipment like the VX 120+, we can offer a 30-minute prescription eyewear experience that sets us apart from traditional optical stores. Valuing our patient’s time not only helps us attract new customers, but also allows us to provide a higher level of service to our returning patients.

We ensure a consistent feel in all our exam lanes by adhering to strict standards and procedures. Uniformities include using the same equipment and techniques, training our staff to the same level of proficiency and ensuring that we provide the same high level of customer service in every HEYWEAR location. By maintaining consistency across all services, we provide our customers with a consistent, high-quality experience no matter where they go.

Quickly Assess Eye Health & Obtain Accurate Prescriptions
The benefit of having a multimodal screener like the Visionix VX 120+ is that it allows us to assess a patient’s anterior segment quickly and accurately. This means we have more time to provide a more accurate prescription and thoroughly diagnose any underlying issues. Additionally, the VX 120+ is highly customizable so that we can tailor the screening process to each patient’s needs.

Combining cutting-edge technology and skilled staff sets us apart from our competitors. Visionix technologies’ compact nature is a defining feature that modernizes our space. With a simplified testing process and reduced machine usage, our technicians can provide an efficient and effective customer experience, which is essential in today’s fast-paced retail environment.

Provide the Optical with Valuable Information to Increase Sales
The VX 40 wavefront lens analyzer is used at our service desk to quickly assess patients’ current prescriptions. This allows us to recommend the appropriate frames for our patients, as well as accurately troubleshoot issues so that we can give the best customer service and boost sales.

We chose the VX 40 for our optical studio because it automates prescription validation, freeing our staff to focus on customers during peak hours. The time the VX 40 saves allows us to provide a more personalized experience, which can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, driving revenue for our business.

Improve Patient Education
We utilize the visual tools available with the VX 120+ to help improve patient education by showing them a visual representation of their eye health and explaining their condition in more detail. Visually educating patients helps improve their understanding of their eye health to make more informed decisions about their eyecare needs.

Our patients are routinely impressed with the advanced equipment we offer in our standard exam and are more likely to return to us in the future rather than go to a competitor who may offer a different level of service.

As we look for ways to improve our optical studio and create an even more modern experience, we are always excited about new developments from Visionix. We look forward to partnering with them as we continue to grow our business.

Lilan Le, OD, is the Director, Optometry Operations at HEYWEAR.

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