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The Go-To Lens Product We Prescribe to 100% of Our Patients

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By Barbra Dey,
CEO, Roosevelt Vision,
and Michael Samek, OD, FAAO,
Partner, Roosevelt Vision

July 28, 2021

As industry leaders and optometrists, we want only the best for our patients. Part of providing the best of vision care is prescribing and selling best-in-class products. Fortunately, we have a spectacle lens product that is exceeding our patients’ expectations. It is boosting the level of care we provide while making our practice more profitable. That product is Shamir Glacier™ PLUS.

Glasses that Create a Wow Moment
You want patients to not just be satisfied with the glasses you have prescribed and sold to them, but for them to be pleased beyond their expectations. That is what glasses featuring Shamir Glacier™ PLUS does for our patients. Shamir Glacier™ PLUS is an anti-reflective coating that utilizes advanced technologies to provide a cutting-edge, glare-reducing solution.

A Go-To Product for All Patients
We were so impressed with Shamir Glacier™ PLUS that it is now our go-to lens coating. We switched to prescribing this lens coating to all of our patients two years ago, after several years of choosing products based on what vision discount plans were all but mandating us to prescribe.

Benefits to the patient include the high quality of vision they experience with personalized lens designs for their work and lifestyle activities. The blue light-blocking feature of Glacier’s anti-reflective coating is highly sought after by patients whose days are spent on computer devices for work and school.

On average, we sell 375 pairs per month of glasses featuring Shamir Glacier™ PLUS and fit almost 100 percent of our patients in Shamir products and Shamir coatings. Patients are very pleased with the visual performance of their Shamir Glacier™ PLUS lenses at dispense. Non-adapts have all but disappeared and troubleshoots usually do not involve errors related to the lenses.

Why Shamir Glacier™ PLUS?


• Low Reflection Finish appearance that dramatically reduces cosmetic glare

• Reduces coloration to provide an added cosmetic benefit of the glasses


• Improved scratch resistance to protect the lenses and provide greater durability and longevity

• Enhanced anti-static properties to repel dirt and dust

• Helps eliminate smears and smudges


• Developed with oleophobic and hydrophobic properties to enhance your visual acuity

• Lenses are easy and effortless to clean

• Repels dirt, dust, and water, stays clean

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A Brand that We & Our Patients Can Depend On
We only offer the Shamir family of lens designs and always match with Shamir Glacier™ PLUS. We believe these products are the best on the market. As such, prescribing these products aligns with our mission of providing our community with the highest quality of eye health and vision care in an ethical, compassionate environment. Our patients expect us to provide the best lenses available, and we do!

The design features of the Shamir product line allows our patients and opticians to customize the lens to the specific task the patient wants a solution for. This is a win for both us and our patients. Our team members are experts in describing the benefits of each design in a way that is easy for our patients to understand.

We are a large private optometry practice established in 1949. We do not take any vision discount plans and offer the finest eyewear with a medically oriented standard of care. Shamir lens products reflect the same top-tier quality that we strive for in everything we do.

Provide a Visual Solution that Aligns with How Your Patients Use their Eyes
Our doctors are in tune with, and ask many clarifying questions, around how our patients use their eyes. They tailor their exam-room recommendations around the patients’ lifestyle needs. Our opticians are paged to the exam lane and a detailed conversation between the doctor, optician and patient ensues. This allows the doctor to hand off the patient to our certified opticians in a collaborative manner recommending the appropriate Shamir lens product to fit each individual patient’s needs.

We inquire as to the visual lifestyle of our patients. Knowing the patient’s visual needs allows us to discuss the various lens design features and their strengths and limitations. Through education we involve the patient in the decision making, and this often results in a multi-pair order.

All of our opticians have taken the Shamir Certification course, so we know we are able to provide the best possible service to every patient who walks through our doors in search of the ideal pair of glasses.

Quality Products that Bring Patients Back to Your Office
With products like Shamir Glacier™ PLUS, and the entire family of Shamir products, we are able to provide the kind of glasses that make our patients return every year. Many also refer friends and family. They know that when they come to our office they will leave with a pair of glasses that meets all of their needs, and is exactly what their busy lives demand.

Barbra Dey is the CEO of Roosevelt Vision. To contact her: bdey@rvsmail.com
Michael Samek, OD, FAAO, is a partner with Roosevelt Vision


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