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Dr. Montecalvo, pictured above, says neurolens gives you the opportunity to improve many patients’ quality of life while greatly growing profitability.

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By Brenda Montecalvo, OD

March 9, 2022

Eye misalignment can cause significant discomfort to patients, resulting in symptoms like headaches, eye strain and an overall lower quality of life. Fortunately, there are glasses that I can prescribe that greatly improve my patients’ lives. Based on the science of prism, Neurolenses make it possible for many of my patients to work, learn and enjoy life without their eyes getting as fatigued and without frequent headaches and other painful symptoms.

Here is how this lens benefits both my patients and practice, changing lives while generating impressive profitability.

A Less Painful, More Enjoyable Life
Neurolenses alleviate pain caused by an overactive visual system that is trying to use both eyes together for long periods of time.

When patients aren’t experiencing these symptoms, it is easier for them to complete tasks that require high visual demands. Comfortable vision improves performance in life, learning and business. Neurolenses go beyond simply providing excellent visual acuity by providing excellent visual comfort, which helps wearers be more present in their day-to-day lives; this allows them to give more of themselves to friends, family and their community in order to create a better overall sense of well-being!

We currently have 220 patients wearing Neurolenses. When these patients originally came to my office they were experiencing headaches, eye strain, neck and shoulder pain and other related symptoms. It’s for those reasons I chose to prescribe Neurolens.

Here is just one of many statements made by my patients who wear Neurolenses: “These lenses are miracle workers. My headaches are completely gone!”

Tremendous Benefit to Patients and Practice
We added Neurolens technology to our practice nine months ago. Direct sales of Neurolenses since that time have generated $165,000. That amount is in addition to the indirect profit generated by the up-sale of other materials that may not have occurred without the initial Neurolens presentation. We sell more extras—multiple pairs and higher-end materials—because all boats tend to rise when you build a complete pair starting from a premium lens design. Our optical profits are up 20 percent since adding Neurolens to our practice. Our capture rate has also noticeably increased.

More Patients Are Right for Neurolens Than You Think
Many patients experiencing digital eye fatigue can benefit from Neurolenses since even the slightest misalignment can result in heightened fatigue when using digital devices.

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You don’t have to guess which patients would benefit. Neurolens has a checklist, available on its site—and which you can add to your site—of symptoms that Neurolenses can help relieve. Patient headaches, neck and shoulder pain and digital eyestrain are the top three indicators for the OD to begin a Neurolens discussion. We use the symptoms checklist to identify potential candidates, with patients marking a 3 or above on any symptoms being the most obvious candidates.

However, if patients mark a 2 on the Neurolens symptoms scale, I may ask them how often they experience the pain and discomfort they are describing. If they take medication and say they experience pain “sometimes,” they also become candidates for Neurolenses.

An Objective Evaluation of Which Patients Can Benefit from Prism Glasses
In addition to discussing symptoms of discomfort with patients, I evaluate whether Neurolenses can help a patient during my examination by reviewing their symptomology and results from the Neurolens Measurement Device, Gen 2 (NMD2).

To start, I simply explain the NMD2 test they just completed, saying, “This test determines how much your eyes are constantly trying to fuse when you are reading or focusing on digital devices. Remember how it seemed that the objects were moving all over? Well, that constant motion is your eyes trying to work together and focus.”

3 Key Benefits of Neurolens

There are three big benefits of adding Neurolens technology to your practice:

1. It is a great team-builder. My whole staff came together to make Neurolens a huge success for our practice and to reach our monthly sales goal.

2. You educate the public by informing them there is much more to vision care than glasses that only improve visual acuity. Eyes can affect all we do in life, learning and business. Neurolens helps get that message across.

3. Neurolens helps define quality. Many patients believe “online” or “big box store” lenses are the same as our quality materials, even when we tell them otherwise. Neurolens helps differentiate and define high quality, which allows us to improve our practice’s capture rates, sell more quality materials, and more importantly, help more patients. —Brenda Montecalvo, OD

Then I explain how this links to the symptoms they identified earlier. “The constant pulling of the eyes overstimulates the fifth cranial nerve, which is called the trigeminal nerve, that innervates the head, neck and shoulders.” I run my hand over one side of my head, neck and shoulder when saying this to show the areas affected by the trigeminal nerve. “That over-stimulation of the nerve causes constant pain.”

Then I mention that Neurolens is new technology, it has a 93 percent success rate in alleviating symptoms, and that they qualify for these lenses based on my evaluation.

I hand them a brochure and call in my optician. During the hand-off I inform the optician that the patient qualifies for Neurolenses. The optician takes the patient to the optical department and does the rest of the education and fitting with the patient.

Create Satisfied Patients Who Refer Many Others
My patients who wear Neurolenses are very happy because they feel better. One patient said it was a miracle. Some say these lenses are great. Other patients purchase a second pair of glasses. Some patients have referred their friends and family members. Neurolens is a product that improves the level of care I provide and the level of profitability my practice is able to attain.


Brenda Montecalvo, OD, is the owner of Nova Vision Carein Beavercreek, Ohio.To contact her: brenda@brendamontecalvo.com


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