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The CL Ordering Technology Revolutionizing How Patients Buy Contacts from Us

Zack Simon, ophthalmic assistant at Chester County Eye Care, says Abby has made a tremendous difference to the practice’s ability to serve contact-lens patients efficiently and grow profitability.

Contact-lens ordering technology that changes how patients interact & purchase from you.

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By Zack Simon

Sept. 27, 2023

Contact lens wearers want a fast and easy way to order their lenses. In our office, we have implemented a transformative technology, Abby, from ABB Optical Group, which has made both our patients’ and own lives easier.

A User-Friendly CL Ordering Solution

We started using Abby around the beginning of 2023. We wanted to implement a user-friendly website that allowed patients and our office to order contacts seamlessly, without any major issues.

Immediate Benefits for Patients & Practice

We have observed significant benefits from using the Abby ordering platform. Patients now save time by ordering their lenses directly, without the need for us to call them back. This convenience enables them to order their contacts from anywhere, anytime, even while on vacation or when they’re away from home.

Additionally, the platform provides real-time tracking updates through text messages and e-mails, which means patients always know the status of their orders.

Cost-effectiveness is another advantage, as we do not have a minimum purchase requirement, and patients always receive free shipping. Lastly, Abby’s platform provides secure transaction processing, ensuring our patients’ payments are secure and reliable.

Easy Metrics Tracking

With Abby, we can easily access our dashboard reports and review our contact-lens sales performance data for the entire year. Moreover, we have the option to select specific months, weeks, or quarters, for more detailed analysis.

Using this tool, we can compare the revenue generated by various brands of contact lenses and the different supply quantities ordered by patients, such as 30 or 90 packs. This feature helps us gain valuable insights into our business operations, enabling us to make informed decisions and improve our overall performance.

An Ordering Technology Catching on Fast with Patients

Patients are increasingly using Abby to order their contact-lens supplies when they need them. We have promptly helped fulfill orders from patients who have used the platform before, in addition to them ordering the supply themselves, indicating that Abby is becoming a preferred choice for our patients.

Patients tell us they appreciate the convenience and ease of ordering their contact lenses supply online–from us. Some also find it convenient to receive reminders for reordering and track their orders through the platform.

To get patients started using Abby, we tell them about the platform and provide handout sheets about its benefits. When patients contact our office to order contacts, we also take the opportunity to discuss the advantages of using Abby.

Quick & Easy for Staff, Too

Our staff tells us that Abby is easy to learn and use. Setting up patient accounts and adding prescriptions is a straightforward process that can be completed in a few simple steps. Abby is quick, intuitive and user-friendly, saving us valuable time and effort.

Tapping Into Significant Ongoing Potential

We have learned how to best optimize Abby through patient interactions and feedback. We then further use that information to make improvements to our practice. This process involves updating how we introduce patients to Abby to improve the patient experience, refine patient interactions and streamline ordering and delivery.

Our patients’ experience ordering and purchasing contact lenses from us just keeps getting better and better with Abby!

Learn more about the Abby platform or register here for the upcoming Abby webinar on October 19 at 12 p.m. ET.

Zack Simon
is an ophthalmic assistant at Chester County Eye Care, which has four locations in Pennsylvania. To contact them, call 610-696-1230, or visit their website.

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