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New Dual Frequency RF Device on Market to Treat Dry Eye

OptiPLUS, which its manufacturer, Lumenis, describes as "the first dual frequency radiofrequency (RF) device on the market."

OptiPLUS, which its manufacturer, Lumenis Be, describes as “the first dual frequency radiofrequency (RF) device on the market.”

New technology offering a promising dry eye treatment option.

Nov. 15, 2023

Lumenis Be., an energy-based medical device company for aesthetic and eyecare applications, announced the launch of OptiPLUS, which it describes as “the first dual frequency radiofrequency (RF) device on the market.”

OptiPLUS is designed to deliver heat across different tissue layers, increasing blood circulation to promote medical performance and aesthetic results.OptiPLUS is a complementary device to Lumenis’ OptiLIGHT technology, which targets the root cause of dry eye disease.

While OptiLIGHT relies on light-based technology to break the cycle of dry-eye inflammation due to meibomian gland dysfunction, OptiPLUS is a dedicated device that employs RF energy to enhance clinical results.

The FDA-cleared dual-frequency RF technology enables energy penetration to different skin depths, heating the superficial layer to promote collagen formation and stimulate peri-orbital skin rejuvenation while also reaching into the deeper tissue to target the meibomian glands.1,2,3  

An monopolar electrode ensures optimized contact with the delicate contours in the peri-orbital area, enabling OptiPLUS to “offer unmatched safety and unrivaled patient comfort.”4 Used to treat patients across a range of skin types, OptiPLUS leverages “the benefits of state-of-the-art technology with clinically validated, pre-embedded settings and temperature control for better efficacy and safety.”

“I’m very pleased with the clinical outcomes experienced while using OptiLIGHT to treat dry eye disease, and I’m excited about incorporating OptiPLUS as an essential addition to my armamentarium,” said James Chelnis, MD, FACS, an ophthalmologist at Manhattan Face & Eye. “As the leading investigator in a recently published clinical study, I discovered that the pairing of these two technologies brings remarkable results, significantly improving the number of expressible meibomian glands (over 150 percent average), meibum clarity (over 70 percent) and symptoms (over 60 percent)3. The fact that it also offers aesthetic benefits is just another great advantage.”

Itay Mayer, Managing Director of Lumenis Vision said, “Lumenis has a relentless commitment to innovation and eyecare advancement. We’ve driven substantial progress in the space with our gold standard OptiLIGHT device and now with our unique dual frequency RF technology, OptiPLUS.” Mayer continued, “Our passion for researching and developing groundbreaking solutions allows eyecare practitioners to provide the highest level of care. We are also proud to partner with customers to offer marketing and clinical support that is unparalleled in our industry. In all we do, we focus on what matters the most — making a meaningful impact by transforming people’s lives.”

To learn more about how the powerful pairing of OptiLIGHT and OptiPLUS can be used to help build practices by enhancing patient care, visit


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