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8 Ways We Use AI In Our Office to Streamline Workflows, Enhance Care & Provide Business Analysis

Team of employees in an optometry practice share how they use artificial intelligence via ChatGPT to work smarter

Dr. Haley’s practice team. Dr. Haley says that artificial intelligence via ChatGPT has made a huge difference to the ease with which she and her staff get work done.

Using AI to work smarter.

By Haley Perry, OD

August 30, 2023

Artificial intelligence via ChatGPT has been in the news everywhere lately, so, of course, we decided to try using it in our office. I utilize ChatGPT for a multitude of tasks that greatly streamline my work processes. Here’s how I’ve integrated its capabilities into my daily routine.

Data Analysis

I can simply copy and paste metrics, including my basic budget spreadsheet, and ChatGPT analyzes the data. It’s not limited to this; I can also feed it key performance indicators (KPIs) from ABB Analyze Powered by Glimpse or EDGEPro, seeking ways to enhance specific KPIs, and it provides insightful suggestions.

For instance, I’m currently developing a contact-lens report to cross-reference bills versus orders, minimizing duplicates and ensuring accurate contact-lens returns. I haven’t fully figured this out yet, but I am close!


Creating outlines for PowerPoint presentations has never been easier. I just describe the content, and ChatGPT generates a structured outline for me.


I often insert lengthy e-mails into ChatGPT, asking it to extract key highlights. This feature helps me quickly grasp essential information from lengthy communications. I do the same thing for articles from business magazines or journals.

Clinical Decision Support

Recently, I input articles from an optometric trade publication and posed clinical questions based on my patients. ChatGPT provided valuable insights that guided my patient-care decisions.

Website Enhancement

I’ve utilized ChatGPT to enhance our website’s keyword content. Moreover, it helped me create a comprehensive monthly marketing plan, breaking it down into individual components like e-mails, social media posts, and even scripting for videos.

Inventory Management

To swiftly update our contact-lens inventory, I photographed the contact-lens boxes, copying the brand name, powers and expiration dates from the photo into ChatGPT (the iPhone will allow you to copy text from a photo). This allowed me to quickly organize brand names, powers and expiration dates in a spreadsheet format.

Proofreading and Editing

ChatGPT serves as an excellent proofreader and editor. Even the e-mail I sent with information for this article was vetted through its capabilities to ensure accuracy and correct grammar. 🙂


Without a doubt, my favorite application of ChatGPT is for charting. Just before entering a patient’s room, I prompt it to “make the following conversation into a medical plan, adhering to the SOAP format and also give ICD-10 codes for the assessments.”

With my tablet and voice-to-text feature, I engage with the patient, relaying findings from optomap images, slit lamp examinations and treatment instructions out loud so that the tablet will input what I’m saying into ChatGPT.

ChatGPT compiles this raw data (pages and pages of text with no punctuation and many slang terms and jargon) into a structured medical plan that I paste into the patient’s chart (for the most part…It is not going to be perfect, but it is a decent scribe!)

In fact, ChatGPT recently played a vital role when both my techs were absent, and I had to manage patients from start to finish. I turned on the voice-to-text, and let it ride.

Its assistance was invaluable and allowed me to provide efficient patient care even in a challenging situation. The flexibility and adaptability of ChatGPT have truly transformed the way I work.

An optometrist, poses in her office, to discuss how she manages her practice.Haley Perry, OD, is the owner of Elite Eye Care, a Vision Source practice, in Arden, N.C. To contact her:



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