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How to Triple Your Multiple-Pair Sales Rate with Instant Rebates

The team at Eye Care Center of Ocala. Practice owner Steven Shaw, OD, says Anagram’s new patient-facing rebate program, Prosper, is providing his patients–and practice–with great advantages.

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By Steve Alexander,
Head of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships, Anagram

Oct. 20, 2021

It’s in practices across the country, disrupting care and constraining providers. It’s creeping into our industry and pushing patients aside. We see it every day and our patients feel the results. It’s here to stay unless we do something about it.

What is it? Large corporations and industry consolidation turning eyecare into a profit-at-all-costs business instead of a patient-driven service.

At Anagram, we’re proud to lead the charge in an industry-wide response to trends hurting independent ECPs and patients alike. Our out-of-network software platform (now called Access) is helping thousands of providers unlock out-of-network benefits for their patients and grow their practices without outside interference.

Since we started we’ve been overjoyed by the response and the growth of the independent eyecare community. We’re witnessing the rebellion; an independent eyecare revolution in which individual practices and providers are taking back power from vertically integrated entities to offer their patients better care.

The Revolution is Here. What’s Next? Prosper.
The resistance is underway. What’s the next step for independent eyecare? Prosper.

What if you could offer patients rebates on the eyewear you’re already dispensing—without cutting into your margins?

What if you could lower wholesale pricing on your inventory—without subjecting your practice to complicated outside requirements or sacrificing practice independence?

What if you could build relationships with the highest-quality independent vendors—at no cost to your practice?

What if you could provide patients with a better experience—with the help of a partner you know and trust?

Prosper brings you all of that and more.

What is Prosper?
Prosper is the next stage of Anagram’s mission to move eyecare forward.

It’s a patient-facing rebate program that allows you to provide compelling real-time rebates on materials you’re already dispensing in your optical today. At no cost to you, you can provide patients with their best-ever buying experience that ends with a cash-back reward sent to them before they’ve left your office.

Built on the negotiating power of our thousands-strong provider network, we’re working with independent vendors across the industry to provide these rebates and ensure lower wholesale pricing on the highest-quality materials.

“Prosper was a way to capture patients and keep them in-house by offering them money back for their purchases,” Steven Shaw, OD, co-owner of Eye Care Center of Ocala explained. “Anagram likes to work with independent practices, and we like to work with people who feel the same way. The no-brainer part was Anagram works with a lens company that we do 99 percent of our business through. They’re not really aligned with the big corporations we’re moving away from. So, it was just an easy thing to do.”

How Prosper Helps Providers Dispense More Eyewear
When it comes to tracking success in your optical, the amount of eyewear you’re dispensing is a key indicator. And there are several metrics that help you determine how effective you and your team are at dispensing eyewear.

Among them is your multiple-pair sales rate: How often are you moving more than one pair in a single transaction?

Multiple-pair sales are transactions that bring back twice the profit (or more) for about the same amount of work. But dispensing more than one pair of glasses to a patient does more than add to your bottom line: It creates excellent long-term eyewear habits.

Patients rarely go from having anti-reflective lenses to not having them. Likewise, they rarely go from having multiple pairs down to a single one. Prosper helps you set the tone for patient experiences at your practice. It makes it easier to place a premium on better eyewear habits—with real-time rebates as a reward.

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Make 18% of Eyewear Transactions Multiple-Pair Sales
The average multiple-pair sales rate is around 6 percent, according to industry data obtained by Anagram. Practices offering rebates through Prosper are averaging multiple pair sales rates of 18 percent!

These practices are able to triple their multiple-pair rate by generating rebates in real time for their patients. But the best part may be what’s happening on the back end of the deal.

We’re able to offer these rebates because of pricing agreements we reach with vendors. Pricing agreements that not only ensure cash back for patients, but allow us to guarantee lower wholesale rates for providers. By combining a better multiple-pair sales rate with higher margins on your materials, you can supercharge practice profit while offering patients a vastly improved experience.

Are You Ready to Prosper?
If you’re ready to start Prospering get in touch with us today!

We can’t wait to walk you through how easy it is to generate rebates for patients and how to sign up for Prosper at no cost to your practice.

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Steve Alexander is the Head of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships at Anagram. To contact him: 

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