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How One Practice Almost Doubled Average Online Appointment Bookings with Pay Per Click Ads

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By Danny Sauerwein
Content Writer, EyeCarePro

Situated in populous Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Broward Eye Care had a dream: To be the practice patients went to for their every eyecare need. Under the steady leadership of John H. Bascome, OD, the practice has grown to include numerous medical specialties. But it doesn’t stop at quality patient care. Their doctors have committed to improving the field of optometry as well. They regularly publish papers, lecture at international conferences, consult with major pharmaceutical and contact lens companies and even teach as adjunct professors.

The Problem
Broward Eye Care wasn’t hurting for patients exactly. In fact, they were already a big name in the local area. But as they continued to grow, it became clear there were limits to their reach. Their appointment books still had blank spaces even after adding more specialties to their vision care lineup. That’s when they asked EyeCarePro about our Google Adwords services.

The Solution – Adding Value with Adwords
Broward Eye Care had already been working with EyeCarePro since 2016 through our ODSpecialty service. They already had a strategy in place to bolster the SEO of their practice website, and it was performing admirably. But Dr. Bascome wanted more. So, building on what they had already put in place, EyeCarePro started up a pay per click ad program to boost awareness of Broward Eye Care’s general optometry and specialty services. EyeCarePro set up a program to automatically bid on a mix of general and specialty keywords closely related to searches for optometrists in Fort Lauderdale. After activating pay per click ads, Broward Eye Care started appearing at the top of local search results. More patients than ever before were able to find and connect with them.

A Wise Investment
In February of 2021, Broward Eye Care turned on their pay per click ads. Their practice started to see improvements almost immediately.

Broward Eye Care’s average monthly site visits have risen 43 percent, from 816 visits per month to 1,164. Within just one month, their web-driven new patient appointments jumped 66 percent from 41 appointments in January, to a whopping 68 appointments in February, and then jumped an additional 13 percent with 77 new patient appointments in March. Estimated revenue from web-driven new patients also increased 66 percent in one month from $12,300 to $20,400.

And if there was ever any doubt that pay per click ads were responsible for Broward Eye Care’s sudden increase in fortune, this next statistic will put those misgivings to rest. On average, pay per click ads alone generated an additional 28 web-driven new patient appointments per month. For every month pay per click ads are active, Broward Eye Care is increasing the average amount of web-driven new patients they see by almost 74 percent.

The return on investment is one of the most impressive features of EyeCarePro’s Adwords program, according to Dr. Bascome. To spend only a few hundred dollars a month and receive several thousand dollars in returns is nothing short of astonishing, and well worth the initial investment. “You have to spend money to make money,” Dr. Bascome said.

Taking Broward Eye Care Straight to the Top (And Keeping Them There!)
For Broward Eye Care, EyeCarePro’s Adwords service performed better than they could have hoped for. Not only did it immediately give them the boost they needed to bring in new patients straight away, but it also enhanced the rest of the content initiatives they already had in place to accelerate their growth far beyond their expectations.

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Web traffic is up and cost per click is trending downward, but most importantly, Broward Eye Care’s average conversion rate grew by 40 percent from 4.34 to 6.07 including an eye-popping 79 percent boost in a single month after starting the Adwords program. This means that not only are more patients visiting Broward Eye Care’s site; the right kinds of patients are being attracted to the site who are as much a perfect fit for the practice as the practice is for them. “I’ve seen big improvements,” Dr. Bascome said. “My specialty services are doing great! If I could go back in time and do all of this again, I would have started using the Adwords service a lot sooner.”

Danny Sauerwein is a Content Writer at EyeCarePro. For more information visit


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