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The International Brand We Are Leveraging to Build a Profitable Eyecare Practice

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By Joseph Nguyen, OD

August 31, 2022

The opening of Dr. Nguyen’s new ZEISS Vision Experience practice, which incorporates ZEISS technology with an emphasis on creating a superior patient experience.

When you are thinking of opening a new office, or rebranding an existing one, you wonder about the key elements you will need to deliver a high level of care and a great patient experience. You also wonder how you will then take those elements to generate strong profitability.

What if you had a powerhouse of resources and expertise that made it more likely you would be able to answer those questions effectively and create a financially strong practice? I found just such guidance when I decided to make my new office a ZEISS VISION EXPERIENCE.

Partner with an Internationally Trusted Brand
Opening an eyecare practice guided by the experts behind ZEISS seemed a great fit for my patients and for my vision of how I strive to serve those patients.

ZEISS has been a trusted brand with high-quality products for over 175 years. The ZEISS team offers superior customer support when compared to other lens manufacturers we have worked with. ZEISS also fits nicely into our overall mission statement.

We were originally going to build out our third practice just as we did the previous two. We were entering the last phases of construction, and already planning the grand opening, when we discovered the ZEISS VISION EXPERIENCE store concept. As we learned more about it, we became happy and excited to change our plans to co-brand our new office with ZEISS.

Branding our newest Eyecare Leaders practice as a ZEISS VISION EXPERIENCE will greatly benefit our brand and patients, and will allow us to significantly differentiate our business in a crowded and competitive landscape.

We opened the doors of our ZEISS VISION EXPERIENCE on July 30, 2022, and plan to make this office one of the most thrilling and spectacular eyecare practices in all of Texas.

Creating an Office Customized to Your Vision
The process of preparing to launch our new office was seamless in the ease with which ZEISS’s expert consultants worked with us to achieve our goals.

First, we met with the U.S. ZEISS team to discuss the many possibilities and advantages of opening a ZEISS VISION EXPERIENCE. Once we made the decision to move forward, we met virtually with the Germany-based ZEISS Design team to agree on the overall architecture, design and build-out of our dream ZEISS VISION EXPERIENCE.

We also got the opportunity to visit the recently completed Customer Experience Center located in the new ZEISS U.S. headquarters in Hebron, Ky. Once there, we saw the ZEISS Vision Center store concept exactly as we had envisioned it.

From left to right, back row to front row: Summer Bou Chedid, Vice President Business Development West, ZEISS Vision Care US; Jens Boy, President, ZEISS Vision Care North America; Joseph Nguyen, OD, co-owner, Eyecare Leaders and Mary Nguyen, co-owner, Eyecare Leaders. Mary and Joseph are husband and wife.

We immediately started to plan for the new practice using our preferred local builder together with step-by-step support from the incredible ZEISS team. We worked with both U.S. and German ZEISS personnel, including designers, sales representatives, project managers and marketing staff. All of them were committed to supporting our successful creation of a ZEISS VISION EXPERIENCE.

Creating a 21st Century Immersive Patient Experience
We aimed to develop our image as a “traditional family eye clinic” while blending in a modern and high-tech look. It was important for us to do this without losing our traditional approach of serving patients as if they are members of our own family.

Fortunately for us, our ZEISS Business Development Specialist was familiar with our practice history, our practice goals and overall philosophy. Working closely with ZEISS’ award-winning architect, we developed a perfect, co-branded store concept that represents an ideal marriage between tradition and advanced technology. This is perfect for patients who are looking for “family style” service with state-of-the art technology.

ZEISS presented us with a unique store design featuring stylish curves, innovative materials, dramatic lighting and a futuristic white and blue theme. These design touches are designed to give our patients a serene experience underscored by the kindness and mindfulness that are the hallmarks of our practice. ZEISS provided us with all the information, support and training we needed to feel comfortable about our decision and to achieve our goals.

Invest in Cutting-Edge Technology
In addition to the support and training we have received from ZEISS, we have invested heavily in ZEISS advanced Vision Technology Solutions and services. Our ZEISS equipment includes: ZEISS i.ProfilerPlus, ZEISS VISUFIT 1000, ZEISS VISUPLAN 500, ZEISS CIRRUS and the ZEISS VISULENS 550.

All of these technologies work seamlessly together to help us provide more accurate diagnoses, ultra-precise prescriptions, and a much more comfortable and enjoyable experience for our patients.

Differentiate & Create a Unique Patient Experience
We highly recommend the ZEISS VISION EXPERIENCE store concept to any practitioners interested in differentiation and in creating a truly unique patient experience. Working with ZEISS has been an amazing, hands-on experience for us. The ZEISS team has been nothing but kind and knowledgeable, helping in every way possible to make this experience not only easy, but fun and exciting as well.

Our goal is for our ZEISS VISION EXPERIENCE is to become the most recognized practice in Pearland, and to increase our brand visibility throughout the Houston community. Having ZEISS as a partner will make this a much more achievable goal.

That’s because ZEISS, the recognized leader in precision optics and a trusted brand by organizations such as NASA, Porsche and Google – to name only a few – will draw more patients to our practice, create more efficiencies and improve utilization of medical equipment.

Our utilization of all these factors together will not only increase customer loyalty, but also improve the overall in-store experience for both staff and patients. Our new office is primed to deliver tremendous success in patient care and the patient experience, and as a long-term profitable business.

Joseph Nguyen, OD, is the owner of Eyecare Leaders, a three-location practice in the Houston, Texas, area, one of which will be a ZEISS Vision Experience that had a grand opening in July 2022.

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