Marketing Presbyopia Drops to Your Community

By ROB Editors

Presbyopia eye drops came to market earlier this year, but many patients still don’t know about their availability. And many who do know about the drops won’t think to ask you about them during their visit. Here is what Selina R. McGee, OD, FAAO, told us about how she is marketing the drops to her patients and community, along with tips from ROB Editors on using patient financing via the CareCredit credit card to make presbyopia drops, and other treatments older patients need, more accessible.

In Exam Room: Tell Patients What Presbyopia Means 
Dr. McGee said she’s careful in how she frames the conversation around presbyopia, including the language she uses. “‘Aging’ and ‘getting older’ are topics that turn off many patients, who would rather not think about those things. For that reason, I speak of presbyopia as a ‘natural process’ that ‘comes with birthdays,’ said Dr. McGee. “Many patients do not know what ‘presbyopia’ means. Rather than tell them the Greek translation of that term, which is basically ‘old eye,’ I use the term ‘presbyopia,’ and then describe the condition, including difficulties many patients will quickly recognize, like reading a menu with small type in a dimly lit restaurant.”

Once patients understand the condition, Dr. McGee said you can then transition into a conversation about the best solutions for being able to see clearly up close, including the new opportunity presented by presbyopia eye drops.

Digitally Market the Availability of Presbyopia Drops
“With many patients likely searching online for where they can get presbyopia drops, I made sure I had search optimized my practice website, featuring ‘presbyopia’ and related words prominently, so when terms like ‘presbyopia’ or ‘blurry near vision’ are searched for online in my geographic area, a link to my practice appears close to the top of the search listings,” said Dr. McGee.

She also prominently features information about the new drops on her practice homepage:

In addition, Dr. McGee posts regularly to her practice’s social media pages with news of the new drops, including what presbyopia is and why it causes difficulty seeing up close:


Presbyopia drops are both a great help to many patients and a great spur to new appointments, opening opportunities to offer additional treatments and services that improve people’s lives. It’s worth getting the word out!

Bring Innovative Treatments Within Reach of Patients

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Your patients want the latest and greatest in care and vision solutions, but that latest and greatest can come with a price tag that is not covered by their insurance. Fortunately, there are ways you can help patients access these treatments, and products like presybopia drops, that can greatly enhance the quality of their life. One of those way is by offering patient financing via the CareCredit credit card. 

Doctor: “Tom, these progressive lenses will help you see both near and far, so you can work more easily and productively and better enjoy your leisure time, too. Another solution I want to talk to you about are presbyopia eye drops. They can be an alternative to glasses and contact lenses, and can even be used with your contact lenses for temporary improved near vision. You might even be able to go out for the evening without carrying your glasses at all. Would you like to give them a try?”

Patient: “That sounds great, it’s just that with all the other things I’ll be paying for today, I’m not sure the drops, which you said my insurance doesn’t cover, are a good idea for me, budget-wise.”

Doctor: “One thing that might make it more manageable is the patient financing we offer through the CareCredit credit card. If you’re interested, our staff upfront can walk you through the simple application process, and, if you’re approved, you will be able to space out payments over time, rather than having to pay all of it at once.”

The patient who is given greater flexibility in paying for products and services may be more likely to give innovative, advanced solutions, like presbyopia drops, a try, becoming a long-term, loyal patient when they realize the benefits of the treatments.–ROB Editors

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