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Dr. Beatty with Shaquille O’Neal, one of his patients. Dr. Beatty says that being a part of MyEyeDr. can help a practice provide even better, more comprehensive care for patients.

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By Artis Beatty, OD

Oct. 12, 2022

As an optometrist, I understand the magnitude of choosing the right organization with which to partner. The goal is to find a group that prioritizes patient care as much as you do, and that seeks to exceed patient expectations rather than merely meet them. In 2014, I found that partnership with MyEyeDr. Now, eight years later, I serve patients in a new capacity, as our Chief Medical Officer.

My job is to make sure our organization delivers the highest levels of clinical care in an environment that is satisfying and fulfilling for our doctors. Because patients benefit most when you’re able to focus entirely on them, part of my goal is to equip you and your office teams with the resources you need to give patients your full attention while we take care of those critical but non-clinical functions.

Harnessing Resources that Take Care to the Next Level
As optometry continues to grow and evolve, we’re committed to providing industry-leading tools and resources to help you deliver comprehensive care as scope and capability continue to expand. MyEyeDr. optometrists are both encouraged and empowered to practice full-scope optometry. We provide the infrastructure needed to manage patients’ medical needs, as well as deliver on their vision concerns. With advanced instrumentation and a continuous focus on innovation, your practice will be poised to serve the patients of today and tomorrow.

Doctors are supported by doctors within MyEyeDr. Our clinical excellence team—composed of doctors with a passion for technology and innovation—evaluates the technology in each of our member offices, helps to train and educate doctors on the latest equipment and procedures, and helps to facilitate and mentor doctors looking to improve specialty and sub-specialty skill. For example, a practice that never had retinal imaging technology or managed their severe dry eye patients may have this instrumentation or opportunity after partnering with us. The patients benefit from the doctor’s increased ability to diagnose, treat and manage any number of conditions, and the doctor benefits in the professional fulfillment of being able to practice at the highest level while building the practice and their careers.

Create a Team Capable of Delivering Advanced Care
An optometrist cannot deliver outstanding care without a support team in and outside of the office. Just as MyEyeDr. prioritizes implementing industry-leading technologies in each of our practices, our organization also provides office associates with training to better prepare them for care delivery.

For example, MyEyeDr. has partnered with the American Optometric Association to develop an internal tech training program based on AOA educational material and input. The program allows us to internally certify and train technicians to work at the highest level. This enables techs to see their work in our partner offices as a career versus a job, and results in greater engagement in their role and with patients. Having such an educated team helps the doctor focus on delivering exceptional care. Our doctors know they have a staff capable of collecting all the data they need to provide a thorough interpretation of the results. They are better able to provide a diagnosis and treatment plan that will change patients’ lives for the better—sometimes keeping a patient from losing eyesight altogether.

Keeping Our Pulse on What Patients Think of Us
Each patient’s experience means everything to us, and we’re committed to continually raise the bar in the care we deliver to our patients and the manner in which that care is provided. We want our patients to be involved in their care and to provide us feedback about the process. As an example, MyEyeDr. patients regularly receive surveys, by text or e-mail, that allow them to rate a range of in-office experiences. We ask for feedback on everything, including when and how they made their appointment, their perception of the quality of the exam, and even what they thought of the checkout process. We use net promoter score methodology to gauge how well we are doing, and have had our surveys independently vetted to ensure accuracy.

In addition to giving us feedback about individual offices and their unique experience, patients can tell us what they think of the MyEyeDr. brand as a whole. Whether it is through our various social media channels, e-mail, or even our broader, toll-free phone numbers, we welcome patients to speak with us outside of their visits.

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We don’t just hear that feedback, but we use it to meet and even exceed patient expectations. For example, we learned that patients wanted the ability to fully schedule appointments online rather than “requesting” a time slot and having to be called to schedule. We built a robust online scheduling system that allows patients to schedule directly with the office and doctor of their choice without ever picking up the phone. Not only does online scheduling reduce lengthy phone calls at each office, but it gives patients an option to interact with us the way they choose. All of the MyEyeDr. practices and our doctors are fully integrated within our brand to share systems and technology, so this benefit comes to every practice that joins the organization. Whether it is the ability to welcome their insurance plan, access to different services, or improvements in their experience, the constant feedback from patients is instrumental in identifying and building our future initiatives.

Doctors Reporting to Doctors
When you join MyEyeDr., you’ll join a group of driven optometrists passionate about expanding the boundaries of optometric care. You’ll join a truly doctor-driven organization where you’ll always report to and be supported by other optometrists. This model is fundamental to our success. It cultivates an environment of doctors willing to share knowledge and expertise to help you bring the best in clinical care. It equips each doctor with a mentor who deeply understands what it takes to provide a high level of eyecare, and creates an environment of mentorship and growth for our doctors that is centered around the mission to provide the best in patient care.

Artis Beatty, OD, is Chief Medical Officer at MyEyeDr.



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