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How the Eyecare Industry’s Leading Ordering Platform Was Built

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By Mike Bonacci

May 18, 2022

In 1981, I began my career in the eyecare industry and have enjoyed every facet of the various roles my experience and education offered. I earned ABO Certification early in my career.

I managed and trained individuals in the following areas: the development, installation and repair of optical equipment, laboratories, retail, private practices, chains and IT. VisionWeb recruited me in 2004 as their integrations technician responsible for lab, practice management and other systems integrations within the VisionWeb online ordering platform.

Advancing from technician to manager, and finally to my current role of Director of Integrations, I am responsible for the health and growth of our platform, all integrations, developing core business relationships and product enhancements for our industry-leading ordering platform.

As VisionWeb has grown exponentially over the years, my team and I are now responsible for over 475 lab integrations, 25 practice management integrations, multiple other ordering platform integrations and millions of orders a month.

Building an Effective Product
As a manager, I learned early on that leading by example would be an effective way to get the team aligned on core values and processes. Over the years, I’ve recognized several key pillars to building an outstanding team or product: creating clear goals, responding quickly and appropriately to requests, fostering transparency, and perhaps most importantly, listening to our internal and external customers.

When I evaluate the health and success of a product, I judge whether it’s meeting the needs of both the business and the customers. When optimizing and developing updates to VisionWeb’s ordering platform, we strive to preserve the features our customers love most: ease of use, seamless integrations, reliability, accuracy and consistency.

Preserving a Longstanding Reputation
VisionWeb’s ordering platform has impacted the eyecare industry with its consistent and reliable presence over the last 20+ years. We’ve established ourselves as the foundation for digital or electronic ordering. Our product and engineering teams have been committed to developing a platform that allows our customers to process orders more efficiently, accurately and timely than ever before. We take immense pride in those qualities. Keeping in line with our reputation, we continuously seek to integrate our service with new suppliers, manufacturers and other partners across the industry.

Currently, we are working on several projects with key industry leaders to improve and increase their ordering functionality.

Outstanding Innovations
Prioritizing innovation and efficiency contribute to our company’s mission of building trusted technology that empowers practice performance while making it easier for people in eyecare practices. Two of the benefits that set us apart from the competition are the quantity and types of integrations VisionWeb has with different platforms and that we’re a single point of integration for systems wanting to connect to other systems.

Over the last two decades, we’ve transformed ordering through the following innovations:

● Lab management system, practice management system and ordering portal integrations

● Product catalog management and customization

● Order validation and status messages

● Multiple order types and split orders

The Key to Successful Partnerships
We continue to build mutual trust with our varied customer base by instilling honesty, dedication and sincerity in every single interaction. We begin by listening to what is being asked and building solutions (like our lab-specific product catalogs) that not only address the requests, but create efficiencies elsewhere in the process. The goal is to create processes for long-term success rather than simply a Band-Aid solution. Of course, it’s important to be realistic about what we can deliver. The ability to consistently meet goals, targets and agreements builds confidence and respect for the whole of VisionWeb’s products.

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VisionWeb is excited to embrace new challenges while staying dedicated to the loyal customers of our ordering platform. As we push forward during this period of exponential growth in the eyecare industry, we intend to modernize our tools and automate processes to ease the burden on practices for decades to come.

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Mike Bonacci
has been in the eyecare industry since 1981. His team is responsible for the growth and health of VisionWeb’s ordering platform including business development, project management, integrations and support.

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