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Position Your Practice to Benefit from Medical Payment Reform

With Thomas Sullivan, Founder, Rockpointe

Reimbursement for medical services is top of mind with optometrists, as state optometric associations fight to defend and expand scope of practice in this era of health care reform. Thomas Sullivan, founder of Rockpointe, places current developments in historical context, and he spells out key steps for ODs to fully participate in MACRA and MIPS, so they are well-positioned in the community of healthcare providers. This is first installment of “Highlights from the MedPRO360,” a one-day symposium held at SECO International 2017.

HEALTHCARE REFORM IS NOT NEW. Universal healthcare was envisioned more than a century ago. Keep the goals in continual view: Expand coverage, improve outcomes, lower costs, measure quality.

WE LIVE IN A WORLD OF MACRA AND MIPS. Engagement is imperative. Keep informed and seek expertise when needed.

MEASURE THE QUALITY OF YOUR CARE. Reimbursement is fast moving to payment for positive outcomes, and away from exams performed.

ACCOUNTABLE CARE ORGANIZATIONS ARE INCREASINGLY IMPORTANT. Develop strategies to be included. Demonstrating what the practice of optometry entails is essential.

CONNECT WITH OTHER CLINICIANS. Communicate with other medical providers in a format they will easily read. Stay top-of-mind for referrals.


Thomas Sullivan is the founder of Rockpointea science-based medical education company whose clinical specialists, educators, and producers are dedicated to the design and implementation of integrated, certified educational initiatives that are engaging and clinically relevant to health care professionals. Contact: tsullivan@rockpointe.com




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