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Wearables, Immersibles & Bio-Tracking Specs: Cutting-Edge Tech-Optics Previewed at CES 2017

Feb. 1, 2017

Each year, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas showcases cutting-edge electronic devices fused with eyewear. Andrew Karp of VM and 20/20 shares his preview of new and emerging technology. Get up to date on the latest tech-optics that your patients surely will ask you about.

Everyday Applications of Cutting-Edge Technology
Better Looking, More Advanced Eyewear

ENTERTAINMENT APPLICATIONS. Patients may soon be using augmented and virtual reality to better enjoy video games and live performances.

VISION THERAPY TOOLS. Technology from RightEye enables patients to look into a computer, which tracks minute eye movement, and helps the ECP better guide vision therapy and sports vision training.

AT-HOME REFRACTION. For $30, consumers can buy a scope from EyeQue that attaches to a smartphone to do a basic refraction. The patient would then bring the results of the refraction to their eye doctor for a more thorough exam and prescription.

PROTECTION FROM BLUE LIGHT. Companies like Eye Just are selling screen protectors for smartphones and tablets that block high-energy light and UV, protecting users’ eyes.

LOW VISION TOOLS. Clip-on devices have been developed to read text, and other things in the environment, to help low vision patients function.


UV SENSORS. Sensors that can detect UV radiation have been developed to clip onto glasses or sunwear to alert the wearer to danger to their eyes.

BRAIN WAVE SENSORS. A clip-on device for glasses that coordinates with a smartphone app reads brainwaves, letting the wearer know how focused, or close to a meditative state they are in.

FINDER TECHNOLOGY. A device that is embedded in eyewear can work with an app that allows the wearer to easily find a lost pair of glasses.

BETTER LOOKING OPTIONS. Collaborations between technology companies and eyewear designers have resulted in high-tech glasses that are also fashion-friendly.

Andrew Karp is Group Editor, Lenses& Technology, for VM and 20/20 at Jobson Medical Information. To contact: akarp@jobson.com







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