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The Spectacle Lens On Track to Generate $100,000+ for Us by Year’s End

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By Bradley J. Richlin OD

April 1, 2020

Patients’ eyes are under enormous strain today from many hours logged on computers and smartphones. This can result in chronic headaches and visual discomfort. Fortunately, there is a spectacle lens helping us improve our patients’ lives while generating significant additional practice revenue. That spectacle lens is neurolens.

Eye Alignment Corrected with Ability to See Near & Far
We started prescribing this lens to patients at the beginning of this year and are already seeing an increase in patient satisfaction and practice profitability. What makes neurolens unique is the way it improves eye alignment, thereby reducing eye strain, all the while enabling patients to see near and far. Neurolens is available in single-vision, office and progressive designs, with the ability of the lens to resolve eye misalignment equally well in all lens offerings.

A Simple Questionnaire & Measurement to Determine Patients Who Most Need It
All patients who spend significant time on computers and smartphones (nearly all of us) could benefit from neurolens, but to pinpoint those most in need, we have patients complete a simple questionnaire. Questions include whether the patient’s eyes frequently feel dry and whether their eyes feel tired at the end of the day and whether they have frequent headaches.

Then, we use a measurement device purchased from neurolens to determine if the patient also has eye misalignment. We prescribe neurolens to patients who both have symptoms indicating a need for the lens as well as eye misalignment.

Significant Revenue Generator
Each pair of neurolens glasses, including the frame purchase, generates an average of $700, equaling an average return on investment of around $400 per pair. We are averaging 20 pairs per month of neurolens glasses sold. If we continue selling at least 20 per month, it will bring us more than $100,000 of additional revenues in the practice by the end of 2020.

Get Staff on Board to Educate Patients
Since anyone can benefit from neurolens glasses, we have provided each of our employees with a complimentary pair. They have become advocates for the product, explaining to patients how the lens has personally improved their visual performance and comfort.

Like any pair of progressives, neurolens contoured prism requires patient education on the necessary adaption time. Staff has been trained to explain the great experience patients will have with their neurolenses once their eyes have adapted to the new lenses.

A Variety of Lens Options
Another great thing about neurolens is that the glasses can be made with any lens treatment desired, including Transitions and high index. Combined with the ability of the lens to be created in single vision, office and progressives, patients are able to have any type of glasses they like while correcting eye misalignment.

Competitive Advantage
In an age when patients can go online or to a chain store to purchase nearly any kind of glasses, neurolens provides a competitive advantage. It is a lens that only a practice that has a relationship with neurolens, including its specialized measurement device, can provide.

Prescribing and selling neurolens has been a great practice-builder, keeping our eyewear orders in-house, boosting our glasses capture rate.

Win for Patients & Practice
I have been able to keep revenues in the practice, and build additional revenues, while greatly helping patients. I have even had some patients in tears after experiencing the change in their vision and comfort. Patients whose eyes used to be tired and dry at the end of the day, and prone to headaches, have had their lives improved.

Neurolens has been amazing for patients and for our office, too. Deciding to prescribe and sell this spectacle lens is a no-brainer–guaranteed to be good for both patient care and profitability.


Bradley J. Richlin, OD, is a partner with Richlin Eye & Associates in Beverly Hills, Calif. To contact him: drbradleyrichlin@richlineye.com






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