Telemedicine Technologies for Optometry

Special Report

Telemedicine: The Time for Optometry is Now

By Robert Burke

June 17, 2020

New and effective technologies always find their place in the market eventually, but few have been moved forward as quickly as telemedicine technology. Recent surveys by Jobson Optical Research show the substantial interest among ECPs who are anxious to find ways to treat patients now during the pandemic and going forward.

Telemedicine technologies are available in a variety of formats. These include synchronous, in which the patient and the practitioner are remotely communicating with each other in real time, and asynchronous, in which diagnostic devices are used to examine a patient and the practitioner analyzes the resulting data later.

These telemedicine technologies offer the practitioner a host of benefits for improving efficiency, safely seeing patients remotely, expanding care to remote patients and accessing information from anywhere at any time. They can even enable the eyecare professional to directly interact with the patient via remote video while simultaneously viewing the patient’s data on the computer.

Other benefits of specific technologies include allowing patients to track intraocular pressure at home with their own device, detect and treat ocular misalignment, diagnose specific eye conditions and automate billing.

A wide range of these available technologies can be accessed at the link below.

>>Click HERE to read more, including a list of the latest telemedicine technologies, by downloading the special report,Telemedicine: The Time for Optometry is Now”>>

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