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HOYA Launches Next Generation Blue Light Filtering AR Treatment

In response to patient demands and environmental need, HOYA Vision Care has launched its next generation of blue light filtering AR treatment- Recharge EX3TM AR treatment. “The initial launch of Recharge was a big success” says Barney Dougher, president of HOYA Vision Care, NA. “We have since been able to further improve the blue light filters in Recharge. In addition, we enhanced the scratch resistance properties so now Recharge is at the same level as Super Hi-Vision EX3 AR treatment; which has a Bayer rating higher than glass. If I own an independent practice I’m really excited about Recharge. Everyone who walks into your practice should leave with Recharge EX3. The benefits to your patients will differentiate you from the big boxes and the internet.”

The hazards associated with the High Energy Visible (HEV) Blue Light portion of the light spectrum are well documented. Blue light, including HEV Blue Light, is emitted from hand-held devices such as smartphones and tablets. Symptoms such as sleep disorders, headaches, blurred vision and fatigue can be due to exposure to blue light radiating from hand-held digital equipment. HOYA’s Recharge EX3TM is an anti-reflective lens treatment that reflects the harmful Blue Light away from the eyes.

“Our kids especially are using smartphones and tablets more than ever” notes Thomas Gosling, OD, an early adaptor of Recharge. “The combination of Recharge EX3 with Sync single-vision lens is very beneficial. The eye has a muscle that tenses up as it tries to focus on back-lit screens, hour after hour. When this muscle locks up it causes a variety of uncomfortable symptoms. By reducing the amount of blue light that enters the eye, patients will be able to increase their comfort level and reduce eye fatigue, headaches, blurred vision and other related discomfort that can hamper the efficiency we use our smartphones and tablets for in the first place!”

“We are in this business to bring patients the best possible solutions for their vision and eye health. Independent eyecare providers like Dr. Gosling spend time with their patients to get to best possible optical solutions. Dr. Gosling’s Digital Media Use Questionnaire is available to our accounts” says Dougher, “Ask your local territory sales manager about Recharge EX3. It is only available to patients from their local independent eyecare provider.”

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