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How to Partner with a Buyer that Can Help You Grow & Prosper as an OD

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By Heather H. Day, OD

April 29, 2020

You have many buyers to choose from when selling your practice, but most of them won’t help you advance as an optometrist. Here is how I found a buyer that is enabling me to continue practicing optometry in just the way I want.

Practice Expansion & Improved Operations
I partnered with MyEyeDr. in June 2016. After running a successful private practice for eight years, I was ready to grow my patient base, but didn’t know how. I also wanted to focus on taking care of my patients without wearing the marketing, HR, managed vision plan and operations hats that I had adapted to wearing.

I chose to partner with MyEyeDr. because of their excellence in operational management and well planned, interlocking systems. I had colleagues who had partnered with MyEyeDr. in previous years, and they couldn’t stop talking about how much their practices grew after merging. MyEyeDr. is supportive of medical optometry, and patient care comes first and foremost. That’s what led me to the wonderful partnership we have developed.

The Chance to Focus on Being a Doctor
One of my goals in my practice sale was to be able to focus primarily on patient care by providing high quality staff, equipment and support. MyEyeDr. took over associate management, equipment and computer maintenance and provided support for insurance credentialing and vendor partnerships.

By implementing MyEyeDr.’s stellar systems in my office, I was able to take better care of my patients, my staff and myself. They are always available to answer questions, and they have always allowed me to practice optometry the way I want to. I also work with a team of optometrists I respect and trust for support to navigate changes in optometry.

Additional Support to Improve Patient Care
The most positive change since I partnered with MyEyeDr. is how well I’m able to take care of my patients. I took great care of them when in private practice; however, with additional support, I was able to upgrade retinal imaging equipment and OCT software.

I also am able to spend my time focused on helping patients instead of calling insurance companies and taking care of business-oriented tasks. My patients are receiving high-quality optometric care from me, and I can go home at the end of the day and spend time with my family knowing everything is taken care of.

Expanding Care for Patients; Improving Doctor Quality of Life
By taking over management responsibilities, MyEyeDr. has enabled me to triple my annual production and grow my practice like I never thought possible. I have a better work-life balance as well. I’m able to spend my nights baking cookies with my daughter instead of worrying about operational specifics. My quality of life as a doctor and a person has soared since 2016.

Prior to partnership, I was only able to see about two patients per hour because of much needed administrative time squeezed in between. I now see three comprehensive exams per hour, along with office visits and walk-ins in between as needed. The time I spend with my patients is of higher quality because I am focused on them and not distracted by other tasks.

I am less rushed, I smile more, and when my patients enter the door, they appreciate how well my office flows. Additionally, a patients’ journey through their visit to the office is more personalized with hands-on care across each step from check-in to the exam lane to the optical floor. Sales tripled after just two years of partnership, and patient loyalty scores and reviews improved as well.

Better Work Life for Staff, Too
My staff is able to multitask less and focus more on caring for patients using the systems we have in place. They are able to earn more and enjoy more stable benefits such as health insurance, dental insurance, 401K and disability insurance plans. They also have opportunities to be promoted within MyEyeDr. for management roles. The transition into MyEyeDr. was seamless for them and provided benefits that I was unable to offer in private practice.

My associates are trained within MyEyeDr. University, which is a program specifically designed for their roles. The patient experience has improved because all of us work together in the office as one team with one common goal: to help patients live their best lives.

Enhanced Community Outreach
MyEyeDr. helped me to market my practice more effectively on social media and within my local community. They provided resources, guidance and advice on how to better capture new patients and simplify eyecare for my established patients. Online appointment scheduling allows my patients to be able to schedule appointments from the comfort of their couch at midnight, and even order contact lenses online while working out. These supportive applications allow me to feel confident in knowing my patients are being taken care of the best way possible.

Support for Long-Term Growth as an OD
MyEyeDr. is enabling optometrists to be able to practice optometry at its fullest. We can treat glaucoma, fit specialty contact lenses and provide routine exams without feeling limited in how we take care of our patients. MyEyeDr. supports doctors and will be a continued leader in optometric services throughout the U.S. for many years to come.


Heather H. Day, OD, practices at a MyEyeDr. practice in Statesville, N.C. To contact her:


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