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How I Maximized Reimbursements & Boosted Staff Efficiency

Dr. Foster working with a patient. He says that VisionWeb Revenue Cycle Management has freed up more of his time, and his staff’s, to spend with patients.

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By Shane Foster, OD

Jan. 11, 2023

Your staff, like ours, probably has mountainous to-do lists. When you can free up time taken by tasks like billing, you have created a more effective and efficient practice. Staff can help you provide better care while increasing profitability by devoting more time to patients browsing the optical. You also are able to give patients more time to shop when you have staff that is available to move them through the office promptly, rather than being tied up with billing work in a back room.

Our office was fortunate to get just the revenue cycle management help we needed from VisionWeb Revenue Cycle Management (RCM). Here is why we chose VisionWeb, and how their services have changed our practice for the better.

Choosing a Trusted Provider
I started using VisionWeb RCM about a year ago when my practice switched to Uprise EHR. VisionWeb owns RCM and Uprise. It made sense to use RCM for our billing needs since we were already using their EHR. I already had a staff member who handled billing and posting in one of my offices, but I didn’t in the other, so I decided to offload all my RCM for that location to VisionWeb RCM to keep our staff from feeling overloaded.

I had worked with two other RCM companies prior to VisionWeb, and I never felt like I fully understood what they were doing. I didn’t know how hard they were working to get payment or how much was just being written off as a loss. I felt like communication was difficult and our point of contact changed frequently. This changed with VisionWeb RCM.

Practice Billing Needs Proactively Met
With the switch to VisionWeb RCM, I felt like my practice was being personally attended to. It all began with the on-boarding process. There was an extensive questionnaire that I went through with my key office staff and with the VisionWeb RCM on-boarding staff. We went over every detail of our vision plan and medical insurance billing processes to make sure everyone was on the same page.

We had a dedicated on-boarding specialist, who walked us through a questionnaire that helped them understand the way our practice’s RCM process works. They met with me and all the pertinent staff members to make sure everyone understood each other’s roles. Of course, there were a few questions from both sides at the beginning of the relationship, but it was an easy transition. The task system that VisionWeb RCM uses for queries is user friendly and notifies insurance staff when there is a question or an action item on our end.

VisionWeb RCM accommodated the individual nuances of our office processes and tailored their program to meet our needs. After the on-boarding process was complete, we were given a single point of contact, Alexis, with whom to communicate. Alexis has been FANTASTIC! She is available by e-mail or phone and gets back to me promptly – often within an hour, but always within one business day.

It is so delightful to have an attentive, compassionate person available to discuss questions or concerns. That goes both ways too! When VisionWeb RCM needs information from us, Alexis is always the one who reaches out personally.

Making It Easy to Stay On Top of Billing
VisionWeb RCM uses a great online tool to track claim issues. Any VisionWeb billing staff can post “Tasks” in this system, and our office is alerted by e-mail when something is posted. Then we can go into the system and troubleshoot problems that may have come up. When claims are rejected or denied, VisionWeb RCM staff have often figured out the problem already (a typo from a patient’s insurance card or an incorrect diagnosis for a certain procedure, etc.), and they will provide suggestions for our staff on how to correct the issue. When VisionWeb RCM screens for these issues and recognizes common mistakes, it saves my staff significant time and hassle.

Putting Practice Owner’s & Staff’s Time to Better Uses
Since VisionWeb’s staff is familiar with optometry offices, they have a great understanding of the medical insurance and vision plan processes, and they can resolve most of the issues without even coming to us. This allows me and my staff more time to focus on the patients in front of us, which is our top priority.

VisionWeb RCM has freed up a LOT of my time as the practice owner. I was much more involved and hands-on with billing prior to offloading everything to VisionWeb RCM. I have much more time now to focus on other aspects of the business, and my personal endeavors–an invaluable benefit.

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By Shane Foster, OD, is the owner of Athens Eye Care in Athens, Ohio, and Hocking Hills Eye Care in Logan, Ohio, which was named one of CooperVision’s Best Practices. To contact Dr. Foster:

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