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Automated Dry Eyes Marketing Platform Launches

July 19, 2023

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Hoot Health, Inc., an automated healthcare customer relationship marketing (CRM) solution, has launched Hoot Dry Eyes, a new automated marketing platform for eyecare professionals (ECPs).

“Building on the success of our myopia management platform, we are thrilled to announce that ECPs will now have access to marketing automation technology to help educate, onboard and manage patients with dry eye disease,” said Bob Miglani, CEO of Hoot.

For many ECPs, it can be difficult to explain Dry Eye Disease in one visit with their patients. The complexity of the disease and lack of time in the exam room contribute to the problem, leading many patients to go untreated. Hoot says that its solution solves this problem by delivering personalized videos to the patient’s mobile device via automated text messages, resulting in increased patient sign up for treatments and accelerated growth for dry eye clinics.

“I am delighted to work with Hoot to help optometrists educate more patients with dry eye disease and encourage them to begin treatment sooner as directed by their ECP. Hoot is exactly what I needed in my practice, and I believe it is the solution many ECPs are looking for to help them grow their dry eye practice,” said, Todd Cohan, OD, president of Forsight Vision in Long Grove, Ill., and the Midwest Dry Eye Center.

The Hoot Dry Eyes marketing automation platform allows ECPs to automate patient education, train staff through on-demand videos and simplify the entire process.

“As an early user of Hoot Dry Eyes, I am very excited to help more patients with dry eyes in my practice. From the automated video campaigns to tracking each patient’s journey, Hoot is super helpful because it has saved us so much time on having to educate patients one at a time. Hoot is a game changer for today’s optometry practices.” said Matt Esperon, OD, practice owner of Focus Eye Care in Hackensack, N.J.

“In our practice, we see a lot of patients present with dry eyes who are unaware of what the condition is and why they need to take action. With Hoot’s new Dry Eyes automation platform, I believe that we can reduce the time from when a patient is diagnosed to when they are treated, which is helpful for patients and our practice.” said Cheryl Chapman, OD, owner of Gretna Vision Source, a practice in Gretna, Neb.

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