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“Dry Eye Oasis” Part of Eyewear & Eyecare Show Traveling U.S. in 2024

Poster advertising upcoming eyewear and eyecare show featuring dry eye educational display and products.A chance for consumers & ECPs to learn more about dry eye.

Dec. 6, 2023

Eyewear Artwalk, an in-person show displaying eyewear and eyecare innovations, has added a “Dry Eye Oasis” at its 2024 events.

The Dry Eye Oasis is a physical installation being created at Eyewear Artwalk 2024, led by Pam E. Theriot, OD, FAAO. This is an area where consumers can find specific treatments and solutions for dry eye syndrome, and where eyecare professionals will be able to obtain COPE credits through educational panels, discussions, immersive workshops and more.

The entire Eyewear Artwalk experience will also be replicated in an online virtual world via the show’s partner, Omniverse City. This allows anyone who cannot attend the Eyewear Artwalk road series in-person an opportunity to attend “live” via live streaming from anywhere in the world.

Designed with Expertise in Mind

The show’s planners say that Dry Eye Oasis was designed with an ambiance sculpted to mirror the tranquility of a natural oasis that includes soft lighting, comfortable seating areas and a layout intended to make professional exploration and discussion easy.

Curated Brands for Professional Discernment

Eyewear Artwalk says that it recognizes the importance of offering eyecare professionals a curated selection of brands dedicated to Dry Eye solutions.

This handpicked collection is designed so that “attending professionals encounter brands committed to quality, efficacy and natural ingredients.”

From lubricating eye drops to revolutionary eyewear technology, “the Oasis showcases products that align seamlessly with the discerning standards of eyecare professionals,” say show organizers.

Education Tailored for Eyecare Professionals

The Dry Eye Oasis is not just a showcase of products; it’s intended to serve as an educational haven for eyecare professionals. In addition to the curated brands, the Oasis offers a series of  sessions focusing on the top five hot topics in dry eye education:

Digital Eye Strain Management: Eyecare professionals will gain insights into mitigating digital eye strain and learn about advanced products designed to alleviate its effects.

Clean Beauty: Explore how clean beauty practices and natural ingredients contribute to ocular health. Elevate your understanding and indulge in a blend of beauty and eyecare.

Environmental Triggers Identification: Professionals will deepen their understanding of environmental triggers and discover strategies to manage dry-eye symptoms related to climate, air quality and external influences.

Nutrition and Ocular Health: The connection between nutrition and eye health will be explored, providing professionals with valuable information on dietary choices that impact dry eye symptoms.

Innovative Eyewear Technology: The Oasis introduces eyecare professionals to the latest advancements in eyewear technology designed to address dry eye concerns, showcasing innovative materials and lens coatings.

Holistic Approaches to Patient Care: Beyond conventional treatments, professionals will be introduced to holistic approaches that complement traditional remedies, emphasizing mindfulness, eye exercises and lifestyle adjustments.

COPE-accreditation pending

Interested in Speaking on Dry Eye Syndrome?

If you are passionate about dry eye syndrome and associated solutions, you can fill out a speaker application found HERE.

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