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Dr. Saint-Louis, center, with members of her practice team. Dr. Saint-Louis says Eyefinity EHR and Practice Management have made a huge difference to her patient care and efficiency.

Dr. Saint-Louis, center, with members of her practice team. Dr. Saint-Louis says Eyefinity Practice Management and Eyefinity EHR have made a huge difference to her patient care and efficiency.

The Cloud-Based Practice Management & EHR Software Saving Me at Least 2 Hours Daily.

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By Magdalena Saint-Louis, OD

Nov. 29, 2023

When searching for the ideal optometric software, it makes sense to start with the cloud. Dependence on hardware tied to your office presents potential risks related to accessibility, disaster recovery and the long-term financial burden of maintenance expenses.

Although making the leap to the cloud can be overwhelming, the value of securely accessing your data from anywhere, anytime, is priceless.

In 2020, I took a chance and made the transition to Eyefinity Practice Management and Eyefinity EHR—a decision that has completely elevated my practice’s patient care, efficiency and overall operations.

 The Best Solution for Time-Saving

My top priority when I started looking for a new practice management and EHR software was to improve patient and staff workflows. I wanted a solution that would reduce the number of manual tasks and the time it takes to complete them.

Compared to the other options I explored, Eyefinity was the most user friendly and easiest to understand. The exclusive VSP integration allows us to quickly confirm patients’ eligibility for exam services and products in advance, streamlining a once tedious task. Eyefinity’s clearinghouse integration for claim submission has saved me a couple hours a day, alone, giving me time back to focus more on patient care.

An Efficiency AND Patient Care Booster

Like many of my peers, I hold dual roles within my practice—one as a business owner and the other as a doctor. Balancing these roles isn’t easy, but I maintain separation by consistently prioritizing my patients’ needs. My primary focus during patient consultations is ensuring that every decision or recommendation benefits them first.

This commitment to the patient’s best interest can be challenging as a business owner; there’s the natural desire to make recommendations that boost practice revenue. With Eyefinity, I don’t have to compromise. I get to spend more time seeing and treating patients because I’ve streamlined my administrative tasks, allowing me to positively impact both my business and patients at the same time.

Eyefinity EHR enables me to use an iPad for documentation instead of relying on a desktop computer. As a result, I am not tethered to a computer with my back turned to the patient. I am able to move freely and maintain face-to-face interaction throughout the entire exam, giving consistent eye contact that ultimately helps build deeper connections.  It is an improved experience for both me and the patients.

 Straightforward Technology to Maximize Your Tasks

Eyefinity is very easy to use and is designed to create a smooth workflow for our team. My optician would often struggle to navigate our previous software and would avoid certain tasks due to its complexity, however, after switching to Eyefinity, she experienced a significant improvement in her workflow and no longer shies away from specific functions.

On the EHR side, you can seamlessly fax medical records directly within the system, eliminating the need to download and print them. Additionally, I can submit medical prescriptions electronically to my patient’s pharmacies, creating an almost paper-free office environment for my staff.

Documentation is now incredibly speedy using protocols in Eyefinity EHR, taking me less than 5 minutes – a complete improvement from the 15-20 minutes it used to take.

An Industry Partner Providing Full Support

Along with a super- intuitive user interface, Eyefinity offers the advantage of full support in whatever training or troubleshooting, if any, is necessary.

Eyefinity provides comprehensive software training for doctors and staff. They recently introduced self-guided free role-based training courses with step-by-step tutorials, exercises and knowledge checks to make sure your team is able to quickly navigate through the software.

If you, by some chance, get stuck while using it, or want to learn something you previously forgot to ask about, then you can take advantage of Eyefinity’s resources like the Help Center, on-demand webinars, community, 1:1 training, dedicated education conferences, and more. Over the years, I found that they are always ready and available to help.

Future Focus: Technology to Help Expand Practice Services

I want to be able to integrate a dry eye specialty in my office, and I see Eyefinity as the best technology to facilitate a smooth transition into a dry eye clinic.

When you have technology like Eyefinity’s cloud-based software, there is no limit to what you can offer your patients and how far you can grow your efficiency, and, by extension, your profitability. This technology has become a key to our success.

Magdalena Saint-Louis, OD, is the owner of Real Vision Center in Pembroke Pines, Fla. To contact her:


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