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What Issues Were Most Important to ECPs in the 2020 Presidential Election?

Dec. 2, 2020

ECPs had numerous concerns in mind as they went to the polls in the 2020 presidential election. Here are the top issues ECPs focused on as they cast their ballots, according to a recent survey from The Vision Council.

In the lead-up to the U.S. presidential election, The Vision Council asked ECPs which issues were important when thinking about the election. The U.S. economy, healthcare and taxes were the top three responses, with COVID-19 related issues—including health and safety guidelines and regulations and economic stimulus and relief programs—rounding out the top five most important issues.

When asked what single issue was the most important, the majority of ECPs indicated the U.S. economy (40.2 percent), followed by healthcare (19.7 percent), and COVID-19 health and safety guidelines and regulations (17.4 percent). The other individual issues fell off significantly from that point with each issue only receiving low to mid-single digit percentage responses.

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Click HERE to see a summary of the survey results on the issues ECPs most cared about as they went to the polls.

Most ECPs (58 percent) believe that it really matters who wins the election as it pertains to making progress on the important issues that are facing their businesses. The remainder of ECPs are nearly equally split between those who believe things will stay the same (20 percent) or simply don’t know or prefer not to answer (22 percent).

It is clear from The Vision Council surveys that there are important business issues that influence ECPs’ voting behavior and that who is elected president matters to their businesses.

The impact of the election on optical business operations is also evident in that two-thirds of ECPs (67.4 percent) indicated that they delayed specific business decisions until the conclusion of the U.S. presidential election. Office improvements or relocations, equipment purchases and hiring decisions are the top three specific business decisions that ECPs delayed until the election process was completed.

While national politics is at the forefront of people’s minds and the focus of nonstop media coverage, the majority of ECPs surveyed indicated that they care equally about both the U.S. presidential and congressional elections and local, state and municipal elections (49 percent).

>>Click HERE to view a summary of the survey results on ECPs’ issues of greatest importance as they cast their ballots last month>>

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