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The Buyer that Helped Me Continue My Medically Focused Eyecare Career

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By David Grosswald, OD

March 17, 2021

When first out of optometry school, I was invigorated working weekends for an extremely busy optical franchise in Atlanta. With what I learned there I eventually started my own practice with the same company and grew it to be one of their largest at the time. Ultimately, though, for many reasons I decided to de-franchise. After becoming an independent practice, I was reluctant about partnership with Keplr Vision.

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The Keplr Vision Reputation
“I’m not interested in selling. I’m young. I have four kids. I love what I do,” I thought. At that time, private equity was starting to gain traction in the industry, and I had been approached by a couple other firms. I’d instantly said “no” because they would have come in and changed the name and culture of our practice.

I had a close connection at Keplr Vision and trusted him, and I knew the reputation of several other partner doctors, so I decided to take a closer look. The numbers looked much more attractive than I thought they would, and my accountant agreed it was a good financial move for me. I had a lot of confidence in the Keplr Vision team and in their mission to keep the integrity of my practice intact.

Then and now, I appreciate how the importance of the clinical side of an optometry practice remains an integral part of business decisions. This organization was founded by veterans in the industry who appreciate the value of an outside-the-box-thinking optometrist.

Keplr Vision Invests In Optometry
Everyone at Keplr Vision is accessible and committed to the team approach. They are down to earth and don’t rest on their laurels. I’ve been impressed by all that they have done, and I’ve seen how that has positively impacted my practice. We’ve grown significantly since we joined only a couple years ago, and that couldn’t have happened without support of the practice’s clinical side.

I’m very passionate about helping patients, and Keplr Vision listens and collaborates. They’ve made investments to make us more profitable and professional – but not without crunching the numbers and vetting out the opportunity. Frankly, these are things I didn’t even do when I owned my own practice; my purchase decisions were largely driven by emotion.

I’ve talked to many doctors who are interested in selling their practices, and a lot of them are like me. They want to keep practicing, they enjoy what they’re doing, but they fear they will have to sacrifice professional growth. A lot of these ODs worry they’ll never get that awesome piece of equipment they’ve been dreaming about. Well, you can, and it’s very exciting when patients notice. Keplr Vision has been very supportive taking logical approaches to the business and handling the business management. That’s exactly what I hoped would happen.

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David Grosswald, OD, practices at The Eye Center, a Keplr Vision practice in Conyers, Ga.

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