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New Survey Findings: How Likely Is Telemedicine Here to Stay?

August 11, 2021

What do your patients think of their expanded telemedicine options? A new consumer poll conducted by Social Sciences Research Solutions for the Bipartisan Policy Center explored how the public is receiving telemedicine, and it’s likelihood of staying with us long-term. Ron Shinkman reported on the findings of this poll in Healthcare Dive. Here are key findings:

According to the survey, more than 90 percent of patients said they were satisfied with their telemedicine visits and were likely to use them again in the future, although most were for relatively minor issues. And 80 percent said their primary medical issue was resolved as a result of their telemedicine visit.

Officials who oversaw the study believe that telemedicine could be an effective tool in cutting down unnecessary emergency room visits, although a relative lack of access to broadband services in rural areas could pose an obstacle.

“New telehealth flexibilities have allowed millions of Americans to access healthcare from home, and as our survey shows, telehealth has the potential to take non-emergency cases out of the emergency department,” Shinkman quotes Bipartisan Policy Center Health Project Director Marilyn Serafini as saying.

However, Shinkman notes that there were some obstacles to obtaining a telemedicine visit. Eleven percent said access to a broadband connection was an issue, and 9 percent said they did not have access to a computer with video capability.

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