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Does Your Community Want to Hear You Have a Fully Vaccinated Office?

August 11, 2021

As the Delta variant wreaks havoc on the progress the country and world was making to get past the pandemic, new survey findings from Piplsay suggest that many may feel more comfortable visiting businesses that offer fully vaccinated staffs, and may even prefer to patronize businesses that require customers to be vaccinated.

The survey was conducted nationwide in the U.S. from August 2-3, 2021. Some 30,830 online responses were received respectively from individuals aged 18 years and older.

Sixty percent of respondents said they think it is fair for businesses to only allow vaccinated customers indoors, and 65 percent say it is fair for businesses to require employees to be vaccinated. Thirty-five percent say they would be comfortable returning to in-person work with a vaccine and mask mandate in place. Seventy-five percent say they are taking the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidance to mask indoors, even if fully vaccinated, seriously. Fifty-one percent say they are very concerned about the Delta Variant impacting their everyday routines.

Other key findings:

  • 35 percent of Millennials and 36 percent of Gen Xers think it is fair for businesses to seek vaccination proof from their employees and patrons as compared to just 29 percent of Gen Zers


  • About 35 percent of both men and women would prefer returning to work with a mask and vaccination mandate


  • 58 percent of Black Americans and 50 percent of whites are extremely worried about the delta strain affecting their lives again


*Photo credit: Getty Images

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