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New Resources on Integrating Point-of-Care Testing Into Your Practice

Sept. 8, 2021

ODs interested in adding point-of-care testing to their practice will find new, Quidel-sponsored resources on Review of Optometric Business. These resources include a new video and three articles.

The video, “A Fireside Chat of Integrating Point-of-Care Testing into the Optometric Practice,” will show you how point-of-care testing can enhance the care your practice provides, moving patients into much-needed dry eye treatment. Douglas Devries, OD, and John Rumpakis, OD, MBA, discuss the value of point-of-care testing and how to make it a valuable part of your practice.

In the article, “How To Widen Your Dry Eye ‘Funnel’ to Generate Profits,” Dr. Rumpakis shows the tremendous opportunity to help patients and grow profitability by diagnosing and treating ocular surface disease (OSD), including how to better identify patients who could benefit from OSD treatment.

In “Point-of-Care Testing: The Gateway To A Successful Dry Eye Practice,” Dr. Rumpakis demonstrates the patient care and economic impact of doing consistent, sign- or symptom-driven point-of-care dry eye testing, particularly in the COVID economy. He also shows how it provides you with the starting point for a conversation with the patient about their symptoms, and the results of their test.

In “Point-of-Care Dry Eye Testing: Serve Patients & Spur Revenue Growth,” Dr. Devries shows readers why now is the time to either add or expand point-of-care testing in your practice. As practices struggle to return to normal patient volumes given the continuing distancing and screening procedures, learn how point-of-care dry eye testing can benefit both your patients and practice.

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