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New Resource to Help You Implement Technology in Your Practice

Jan. 26, 2022

Techifeye, a network of technology companies, has launched with the mission of bringing eyecare professionals the latest advancements in technologies to help practices modernize, generate revenues and grow.

Technifeye’s founding companies include:

Dr. Contact Lens: “It is great to see industry leaders come together under one umbrella to help promote technology that is helping bring practices and their patients closer together all while saving valuable staff time. We are excited to be a founding member and help the disruptees (ODs) become the disruptors!” – Brianna Rhue, OD, FAAO, Co-Founder Dr. Contact Lens

OMG! & Contentlinq: “It’s remarkable that there are so many excellent tech companies in the eyecare space. By combining our resources and problem-solving abilities, we can help ECP is drive capture and multiple pair sales rates unlike any other time in history” – Bill Gerber, CEO

Simplifeye: “We’re dedicated to improving practice workflows through technology and streamlined processes, and Techifeye helps us advance that mission,” said Ryan Hungate, CEO of Simplifeye, a technology platform that optimizes operations for patient acquisition, scheduling, payment processing, and reactivation.” – Beth Gaddis, Director of Content Marketing

Optify: “We are thrilled to collaborate with such an amazing group of innovators to stand side-by-side in support of using technology to maximize practice revenue and optimizing the patient experience in-store and online.” – Dave Barton, CEO & Co-Founder

Anagram: “Eyecare is an industry full of organizations driven by innovative people and technologies. Techifeye represents a tremendous opportunity for each of us to learn from and leverage our expertise to improve the lives of eyecare professionals and the patients they care for.” – Steve Alexander, Head of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships

Weave: “We are very excited to be a part of Techifeye. At the heart of Weave’s mission is empowering small businesses to be successful and make life easy. We are proud to be part of a community that shares that same vision in helping to bring useful technology and expertise to the industries we serve.” -Adam Young, Director of Business Development

Roya: “, the leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) marketing platform for eyecare professionals, is proud to be a founding member of Techifeye. The innovative approach in bringing tech-enabled efficiencies to the vision practices across the nation makes Roya the perfect partner in delivering best-in-class data-enabled marketing solutions.” -Mo Ranji, Founder and CEO

PracticePal: “We are excited about the opportunity to work with Techifeye and their amazing host of solutions. Our vision for PracticePal is to fill in some much needed gaps in the industry and our combined products enable offices to save time and money while focusing on what matters most…the patient.” – Nathan McClain, O.D. & Founder

Twelve84: “It can be frustrating for practices to know exactly what will help them thrive in an industry that has so many moving parts and challenges. With this best-in-class group of technology-focused companies, it’s a path of least resistance for key decision makers to narrow
down quickly what areas need focus and immediately save thousands of dollars with a better ROI.” – Natasha Vora, Founder & CEO

Sunbit: “At Sunbit, we pride ourselves on leveraging AI and machine learning to improve patient lives while enhancing optical practices’ productivity. We are excited to join forces with other technology-forward companies to celebrate the profound impact technology has on improving capture rate, increasing average transaction size, and elevating patient satisfaction levels.” -Arad Levertov, CEO, Sunbit

Also listed as a founding member are Dry Eye Rescue and neurolens.

Techifeye’s founders note that the industry is starting to take notice of this new network of companies. “CECOP USA’s buying group is all about innovation focused on reducing the hassle factors of running a practice while increasing a practice’s bottom line. Techifeye absolutely aligns with our mission and solves many of the challenges threatening practices today,” said Brent Alvord, Chief Development Officer at CECOP USA.

Techifeye made its public debut at Vision Expo West 2021 in Las Vegas at the Sands Convention Center with a “Techifeye Track” that invited attendees to visit the founding members’ booths “for a chance to win not only prizes, but more importantly, win in the race to stay modern and competitive in the optical industry.”

Techifeye will be at Vision Expo East 2022 with its own pavilion.


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