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New OTC Treatment Option for Digital Eye Fatigue Discomfort

Feb. 17, 2021

A new over-the-counter product has launched to help you provide relief for patients struggling with digital eye fatigue. Allergan has introduced REFRESH DIGITAL, aimed at helping digital eye fatigue discomfort.

As the use of digital devices to connect virtually for work and personal use continues to rise, more than half of American adults suffer from symptoms of prolonged, frequent use of smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices, according to a 2019 Vision Council survey1.

REFRESH, a doctor-recommended brand of artificial tears, offers a new line of scientifically advanced OTC eyecare products specifically designed to address eye dryness from screen time, including the newly released REFRESH DIGITAL.

Tears and The Impact of Digital Device Use
There is a complex relationship between digital technology and eye health. Blinking is the eye’s way of getting the moisture it needs, and normal blink rate is 20 times per minute. Yet on-screen tasks significantly reduce blink frequency and require attention levels which lead to incomplete blinking. The result: eyes miss out on much-needed hydration from natural tears. REFRESH DIGITAL is intended to act fast to relieve dryness, irritation and discomfort in the eyes.

The HydroCell Difference REFRESH DIGITAL products feature proprietary HydroCell technology that is designed to enable hydration and maintain the volume of cells on the eye’s surface, supporting all three tear film layers:

• Oil (Lipid) Layer: The outer layer seals the tear film and helps reduce evaporation of natural tears2

• Water (Aqueous) Layer: Mostly made of water, it lubricates, washes away particles and prevents infection3

• Mucin Layer: Nourishes the cornea and helps tears stick to the eye’s surface3-5

Layer by layer, REFRESH DIGITAL is designed to act to prevent tear evaporation due to lipid layer deficiencies impacted by incomplete blinking from screen time.

Formulated for use during digital screen time, patients are instructed to apply 1-2 REFRESH DIGITAL drops in affected eye(s) as needed.

REFRESH DIGITAL is available without a prescription in a multi-dose bottle ($12.99-$16.49) and preservative-free, single-use vials ($14.49-$18.49 for 30 count). Both formulas along with other REFRESH products can be found at retail locations nationwide where OTC eye drops are sold including, and Walgreens.

Learn more about REFRESH DIGITAL at

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