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Water Gradient CL for Astigmatism Now Available

March 16, 2022

Alcon announced  the availability of DAILIES TOTAL1 for Astigmatism, a water gradient contact lens for patients with astigmatism.

This launch extends Alcon’s portfolio of daily disposable lenses, which includes DAILIES TOTAL1 (sphere) and DAILIES TOTAL1 Multifocal, with a lens designed for astigmatic patients. Alcon estimates show that toric is the fastest-growing lens segment of the contact lens market.* This presents a large opportunity since a low number of astigmatic patients are currently wearing toric contact lenses: an estimated 32 percent of contact lens wearers have astigmatism, but only 10 percent of them wear toric lenses.1,2

“We’re proud to introduce DAILIES TOTAL1 for Astigmatism contact lenses that eyecare professionals have been anxiously waiting for their astigmatic patients,” said Sergio Duplan, president of Alcon North America. “With stable vision and outstanding overall comfort, DAILIES TOTAL1 for Astigmatism addresses customer demands and patient needs while delivering on our purpose to help people see brilliantly.”

DAILIES TOTAL1 for Astigmatism is the first and only daily disposable toric lens to feature Water Gradient surface material, according to Alcon. This lens material features a gradual increase in water content approaching 100 percent water at the surface, so all that touches the eye is a cushion of moisture.3,4

The lenses also feature two other proprietary technologies from Alcon:

PRECISION BALANCE 8|4 lens design: This is the proven stability technology used in both the PRECISION1 and AIR OPTIX plus HydraGlyde astigmatism lines. DAILIES TOTAL1 for Astigmatism is designed to settle in an average of 37 seconds.5 On average, primary gaze lens orientation is within 2° of ideal orientation within two minutes.5 This provides the on-eye stability astigmatic contact lens wearers need for clear and stable vision.

SmarTearsTechnology: Features the release of an ingredient found naturally in tears that helps to stabilize the lipid layer of the tear film.4

“Many contact lens wearers think that some discomfort or dryness is the price they pay for spectacle independence, and this is especially true for toric wearers,”6 said April Jasper, OD, FAAO, of Advanced Eyecare Specialists in Florida. “I have long recommended the DAILIES TOTAL1 family of products to my contact lens patients who demand exceptional comfort. And, I can now offer the same innovative Water Gradient lens technology to my patients with astigmatism.”

DAILIES TOTAL1 for Astigmatism is available in the U.S. with a full 2,300 parameters. The lenses are expected to roll out to additional markets in late 2022.


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