Using ‘Teleoptometry’ as a Customer Service Feature for CL Wearers

April 15, 2021

Mike Rothschild, of Leadership OD, in a webinar moderated by John Sailer, Editor-in-Chief of Review of Myopia Management, and presented by Review of Optometric Business, gave eyecare professionals the opportunity to dive deep into the world of telemedicine for optometry, and learn more about how they can best utilize these services in their practices — especially for contact lens wearers. Dr. Rothschild shared the different types of telemedicine with viewers, and he also explained how ECPs can tailor these efforts to their contact lens-wearing patients. The event was sponsored by 2020Now, ABB Optical Group, DigitalOptometrics, EyecareLive, and Topcon. (On-demand recording are NOT available for COPE credit.)

For more on telemedicine, access Review of Optometric Business’ Special Report HERE.

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