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Reader Poll Results: What Are Your Practice’s Biggest Growth Opportunities this Year?

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Insights into this year’s practice growth opportunities.

Feb. 7, 2024

A recent WO/ROB poll asked: what’s driving your 2024 growth? According to respondents, 2024 is sure to be a year full of opportunity and growth for ODs.

More than two-thirds, 68 percent, said they feel confident they have the resources or team to help achieve their growth goals. The most commonly cited opportunities for growth in the coming year were: adding/building on dry eye services and/or aesthetics; adding/building on myopia management; and adding more medical services.

Chart showing growth in medical services opportunities in optometry practices in 2024, according to WO/ROB reader survey.

Chart showing growth of opportunity in adding dry eye and aesthetic optometry opportunities in optometry practices, according to WO/ROB reader survey.
Chart showing growth of opportunity to add myopia services to optometry practices, according to WO/ROB reader survey.
Others reported some or significant opportunities in the following spaces:
  • Cross-training staff – 63 percent
  • Higher-end product sales – 60 percent
  • Social media/website marketing – 58 percent
Some options were seen by less than half of respondents as growth opportunities:
  • Adding OD and staff hours
  • Remodeling or selling their practice
  • Purchasing/partnering/opening a new practice

Several respondents expressed their frustration with managed vision plans. Another said they are dealing with a change that is out of their hands. “We are faced with a highway expansion in front of us and may have to move. So one way or another we will be dealing with some type of construction or moving.”

An equal amount of respondents (45 percent each) were either male or female ODs. Another 10 percent were non-OD females. Of all respondents to this poll, 87 percent work for themselves as an owner or partner.

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