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Nine out of 10 Astigmatic Patients Would Choose to Trial Daily Replacement CLs

The majority (91 percent) of astigmatic patients are willing to trial a daily replacement contact lens for astigmatism with a doctor’s recommendation, research shows. Data from the survey also reveal doctors choose health more often as the reason for selecting a daily replacement contact lens for astigmatism, while patients choose convenience. The findings were presented at the 2013 American Public Health Association (APHA) Annual Meeting.

“The study demonstrates the importance of understanding which benefits of daily disposable lenses for astigmatism resonate best with patients when discussing the attributes of this wear modality,” says study co-author W. Lee Ball, OD, FAAO, associate director, Professional Affairs, VISTAKON Division of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc. “When doctors take a patient-centric approach to care and explain what’s best for patients in a manner they understand and see value in, we see the acceptance of new products and technologies is very high.”

On another note, a secondary survey finding is doctors prefer using a smartphone app to complete surveys than using more traditional methods such as an online web site or facsimile.

“It is well documented that smartphone and tablet usage is quickly outpacing that of desktop computers,” Dr. Ball says.“Optometrists are clearly seeing the value of mobile devices, and their preference to report patient outcomes via the app aligns with this growing trend.”

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