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Important Update Made to All Neurolens Designs

Sept. 29, 2021

Neurolens and Digital Vision, Inc. (DVI) have worked together to expand the prism field from 1/8th prism diopter to 1/100th prism diopter for all neurolens designs “to ensure that eyecare providers are able to provide a new standard of care when addressing eye misalignment,” according to a press release from the companies.

This enhancement will cross all DVI platforms, including VISION Lab Management System, RxWizard™, Web-based RxWizard™ and the SEER mobile app.

“This development is yet another exciting signal that the vision industry recognizes the important role that prism will play in the future of eyecare,” says Pierre Bertrand, chief executive officer of neurolens. “At least two out of three patients experience the symptoms of eye misalignment, and this number is growing. Neurolenses provide proven relief for these patients, and we are excited that DVI recognizes the opportunity to drive even more positive patient outcomes.”

This expanded prism range will allow neurolens providers to take advantage of measurements from the Neurolens Measurement Device, Gen 2 (NMD2) and prescribe precise prism measurements for their patients. Neurolens designs are currently the only lens designs that can be ordered and manufactured to the 1/100th prism diopter on DVI platforms.

“We are learning more every day about how small amounts of prism can create tremendous symptom relief for patients,” says Vivek Labhishetty BSc Optometry, MSc, PhD, director of clinical research for neurolens. “This creates an imperative to ensure prism measurements can be entered with a high degree of specificity to maximize the number of patients that can be helped by this technology.”

Bill Ball from DVI says, “For almost 40 years, DVI has been a recognized innovator and industry leader in lab management software. This relationship with neurolens demonstrates our continued commitment to be on the forefront of emerging trends in the vision industry, and in patient care.”

Click HERE to learn more about Digital Vision, Inc. Click HERE to learn more about neurolens.

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