Ophthalmic Lenses

  • 3.3K

    Visual Acuity: Should 20/10 Be the New Standard?

    Exceed your patients' visual expectations.

  • 6.7K

    Personalized Lenses: Practice-Differentiator

    By Kathleen M. Andersen, ODPersonalized lenses are a high-tech, high-performance tool to delight your patients.   

  • 4.9K

    Sports Vision Niche: Create a Dynamic Practice-Builder

    By Thuy-Lan Nguyen, ODDifferentiate your practice—and create patient referrals and revenue streams—by specializing in sports vision services and eyewear.  

  • Talk Performance in Presenting AR

    By Robert L. Bass, OD, FAAOImplement a strategy with staff to sell more glasses with anti-reflective treatment. Patients will benefit and optical...

  • 3.4K

    Optical Sales Booster: Talk Benefits, Not Features

    By Thuy-Lan Nguyen, ODWhen shopping, consumers value the benefits of products over their features. Show patients how the eyewear you offer can...

  • 1.8K

    Address Medical Eyecare Issues with Spectacle Lenses

    Eyewear is for more than vision correction--sometimes it also provides solutions for medical eyecare issues.

  • 4.8K

    Increasing Eyewear Capture Rate: A Team Effort

    By Chad Waggoner, ODand Kimberly Manthe, ABOIncreasing capture rate of prescribed eyewear is a team effort—where doctor, optician, technician and receptionist all...

  • 2.5K

    Premium PALs: Personalization Sets You Apart

    By Victoria L. Dzurinko, OD, FAAOand Jason Moore, ODTake presbyopic patients to a higher level of visual performance with personalized lenses. The...

  • 2.8K

    Discuss Sports and Discover Needs, Increase Revenues

    By Dale Buettner, ODDiscussing sports participation with patients identifies special visual needs, and that leads to sales of exciting new products in...

  • 3.0K

    Custom Marketing Tool: Transitions Online Marketing (TOM) Tool

    By Chad Waggoner, ODand Kimberly Manthe, ABOThe Transitions Online Marketing (TOM) tool can help you create customized marketing materials online that reinforce...

  • 2.9K

    Blue Light Risk: Educate Patients on Protecting their Eye Health

    By Mary E. Boname, OD, FAAOBlue light emitted from electronic devices is a potential hazard to your patients' eye health. Educate and...

  • 6.9K

    Profit with In-House Finishing

    By Ken Krivacic, OD, MBAAn in-house finishing lab improves delivery time to patients and captures revenues that otherwise go out the door.   

  • 2.8K

    Prescription Google Glass: Move Into the Future with Your Patients

    By Matthew Alpert, ODGoogle Glass with prescription lenses gives ODs a chance to move into the cutting edge of technology with their...

  • 2.4K

    OD’s Device Advice: Help Patients Optimize Use of Electronic Devices

    By Teresa Narayan, ODOD's can lead the discussion of how to optimize use of electronic devices by prescribing and selling eyewear and...

  • 3.1K

    Prescribing Transitions: Education Makes the Sale

    By ROB EditorsTransitions lenses can improve patients' quality of vision and protect their eyes from the sun's harmful rays. Here's how the...

  • Life in Color: Providing Lenses for Color Deficiency is a Valued Service

    By Robert S. Christensen, ODPatients with deficient color vision now can be helped with specialty lenses. Here is how to make this...

  • 4.8K

    Be an Expert in Treating Computer Vision Syndrome

    By Agnes Palys, OD, FAAOEstablish your expertise in guiding your patients through the new and evolving visual challenges--and corresponding visual fatigue-- presented...

  • 2.8K

    Free-Form Lenses: Address the Needs of Your Patient at Work and Play

    By Brian Linde, ODEnhance the lives of your patients by prescribing free-form spectacle lenses that meet lifestyle needs ranging from computer work...

  • 3.3K

    In-House Lens Fabrication: Compete Successfully with Large Optical Retailers

    Gordon G. Wong, ODAn in-house lens fabrication system enables the independent optometrist to compete with corporate eyecare retailers by offering parallel speed...

  • 4.1K

    Computer Eyewear: Provide Relief from Computer Vision Syndrome

    By Teresa Narayan, ODOffering patients relief from computer vision syndrome is a premium service that reflects well on your practice. It also...

  • 2.1K

    One-Stop Shopping: When a Single Partner Can Provide Both Contacts and Spectacle Lenses

    By Anastasios Fokas, OD, and Steve Rossi, Licensed Ophthalmic DispenserUsing a digital lab provided by the same company that manages your contact...

  • 2.0K

    The Problem with “20/Happy”

    By Ally Stoeger, ODPatients deserve more than just adequate vision, or what is known as "20/happy." Provide each patient with the prescription...

  • 3.1K

    In-House Lens Fabrication: Your Practice Differentiator

    Raymond J. Brill, OD, MBA, FAAO, FOAAAn in-house lens fabrication system produces fast, high-quality lenses for patients with minimum staff skill or...

  • 3.7K

    In-House Lens Fabrication = Fast, Cost-Efficient Service

    By Kenneth M. Daniels, OD, FAAOAcquiring an in-house lens casting system that is easy to use and affordable can provide patients with...

  • 2.7K

    Personalized Lenses: Patients “See the Difference” with a New App

    By Thomas Gosling, ODMatch your personalized lens education to your patients' expectations and needs. Doing so will remove cost concerns as an...

  • 5.2K

    Ask Patients Detailed Lifestyle Questions…Then Select Best Lens Options

    By Stuart J. Thomas, OD, and Ellen Byrun-Goad, LDOYour success in providing patients with the ideal spectacle lenses—and second-pair sales--depends on your understanding...

  • 4.4K

    Prescribe Spectacle Lenses by Lifestyle

    By Elaine Happ, ODMatch each patient’s eyewear recommendation to their individual needs. Then use new measuring technology to provide a higher level...

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