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A New Retinal Camera Has Come to Market

Jan. 11, 2023

Topcon Healthcare, a provider of medical devices and software solutions, has launched the NW500, a new robotic fundus camera designed to deliver reliable, sharp-quality imaging, including in ambient light.

The NW500 offers slit scan illumination and a rolling shutter mechanism, which are intended to overcome one of the known causes of poorly graded images effectively imaging smaller pupils, from 2.0mm or more*. The technology also includes a 12-megapixel sensor to deliver high-quality color fundus images for clear review and analysis.

Topcon notes that the NW500 “contributes to a streamlined workflow and enhanced patient experience by offering the ability to acquire retinal images in a lighted setting without the need to dilate patients. The NW500 offers excellent quality color fundus images across the traditional three fixation points (Disc, Center and Macula), as well as the nine fixation positions for peripheral photography.”

The technology’s touch-screen operation was designed to offer rapid, simple capture with one touch. Fully-automated operation gives clinicians the flexibility to delegate screening to non-clinical staff. The improved processing speed** means it should take less time to capture images and gives operators the ability to increase patient throughput. A variety of connectivity options are available to accommodate the individual needs of clinical practices.

“The NW500 reflects Topcon’s commitment to continuous innovation in pursuit of technology that helps to improve the quality of care patients receive and make care more efficient and accessible,” says Senior Director of Product Management Tobias Kurzke. “Combined, the innovative slit scan technology and 12-megapixel camera offer clinicians fast, sharp quality imaging with less failure and retakes, making the process of acquiring fundus images faster and more reliable than before. Enhancing the patient experience through the absence of needing dilation will lead to greater workflow efficiencies and give clinicians a competitive advantage.”

* Confirmed with model eyes.
** Compared to Topcon non-mydriatic retinal camera TRC-NW400.

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