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5 Key Features Patients Want in Their Telemedicine Experience

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How to make the telemedicine experience a success for patients.

Sept. 13, 2023

Consumers are continuing to enjoy the convenience of telemedicine. Here are the key features which Wolters Kluwer noted in a piece on its site are most important to making the telemedicine experience a good one.


In a recent survey of pharmacy usage conducted by Wolters Kluwer, some consumers – most notably younger generations – prioritize convenience over all else, even their provider’s credentials: “One of the true value drivers of telehealth is the ability to deliver both convenience and quality.”

Quality of Care

Care quality is still critical. While many virtual care solutions are currently researching overall outcomes, encouraging studies recently prove the power of telemedicine in areas like addiction management and mental health. “However, to have staying power, developers need to ensure that their technology supports the quality of care across differing specialties.”

Patient Education

Modern consumers are increasingly demanding more information and control over their care, according to a 2022 MedCity news article. That includes a desire to understand the care being offered to them, in addition to valuing information on preventative medicine. “Wolter’s Kluwer research on patient expectation around educational resources echoes this, highlighting that more than 80 percent of patients have questions following a health care interaction.”


“Convenience, quality, and resources are all elements that support today’s patients desire for personalized care. They want care at a time that works for them, via the modality they chose, and with the option of self-serving education and follow-up information to enact their care plan.”


One might think that HIPAA and a slew of new and forthcoming privacy rules might be enough to emphasize the need for security within telemedicine, but Wolters Kluwer notes that headlines have given consumers reason to be wary: “Health information is among the most sensitive categories of a consumer’s information, and developers need to be aware. Showcasing efforts to secure a patient’s information is going to go a long way in helping a solution stand out among the pack of telehealth providers.”

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