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New Research Findings: How Well Does ChatGPT Diagnose Emergency Room Patients?

More evidence of the potential of AI to transform medicine.

Sept. 20, 2023

Information and Technology background

A new study suggests that ChatGPT could effectively indicate diagnoses for patients, according to reporting by Lauren Chadwick in Euronews.

The research published in the Annals of Emergency Medicine journal found that the artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot diagnosed patients as well as trained doctors.

The researchers at Jeroen Bosch Hospital in The Netherlands entered physicians’ notes and anonymised information about 30 patients, including exams, symptoms and lab results, into two versions of ChatGPT.

They found an overlap of around 60 percent between the shortlist of possible diagnoses from emergency doctors and the chatbot.

The emergency doctors had the correct diagnosis in their top five lists 87 percent of the time while ChatGPT version 3.5 had the correct diagnosis in its shortlist 97 percent of the time compared to 87 percent for ChatGPT version 4.0.

“We found that ChatGPT performed well in generating a list of likely diagnoses and suggesting the most likely option,” said study author Dr Hidde ten Berg, from the emergency medicine department at Jeroen Bosch Hospital, in a statement.

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