neurolens: The Spectacle Changing Patient Lives & Driving Practice Revenues

Optometrists have found a way to help patients who have struggled to find a solution for eye misalignment causing eye strain and headaches. Here are stories from optometrists on how they have used that solution–neurolens–to transform patients’ lives while growing practice revenues.

The Spectacle Lens that Transformed My Practice
By Jason N. Hurley, OD
When patients visit our office, we always want to provide the highest quality care possible while creating a great experience. Here are the details on the spectacle lens that makes it possible for us to give our patients the care they deserve. >>READ MORE>>
A Spectacle Lens I Prescribe Making My Patients More Productive & Our Practice More Profitable
By Melissa Richard, OD, MS
The eyecare and eyewear we prescribe have the potential to change patients’ lives. Here are the details on a new study that shows how a spectacle lens I have been prescribing for patients impressively impacts patient productivity and enjoyment of life while making my practice more profitable. >>READ MORE>>
The Spectacle Lens Helping to Power My Cold-Start Practice’s Profitability
By Allise Markowski, OD
I was excited to open a private practice in my hometown, and “cold starting” afforded me the independence I needed to ensure I have the best technology and highest standards of care available. Here are the details on a spectacle lens that is changing patients’ lives and giving my practice a huge boost over the competition. >>READ MORE>>
Special Report: How to Combat Digital Vision Syndrome for Your Patients, Practice & Profession
Digital vision syndrome is a growing challenge, with the increased time spent on electronic devices during the pandemic. Here is a special report with tips on making the treatment of this condition a practice-builder that benefits patients while greatly spurring profitability. >>READ MORE>>
The Future of Prism: How Binocularity is Transforming Eyecare
A common misconception about binocular vision disorders is that more symptomatic patients tend to exhibit larger phorias. Evidence actually suggests that the magnitude of clinical signs does not correlate with the severity of the symptomology. In truth, many patients can benefit from glasses with prism. But prescribing fractional, precise amounts of prism is a challenge. Subjective and nonrepeatable clinical diagnostic tools limit our ability to accurately detect small eye phorias. In a webinar presented by Review of Optometric Business, and sponsored by neurolens, Amanda Nanasy, OD, shares the secrets to successfully prescribing prism, and the benefits it can bring to your patients and practice. >>WATCH>>
The Glasses I Prescribe that Change Lives & Generate $165,000+ Annually
By Brenda Montecalvo, OD
Eye misalignment can cause significant discomfort to patients, resulting in symptoms like headaches, eye strain and an overall lower quality of life. Fortunately, there are glasses I can prescribe that greatly improve my patients’ lives. Here are the details on the lenses that make it possible for many of my patients to work, learn and enjoy life without their eyes getting as fatigued and without frequent headaches and other painful symptoms. >>READ MORE>>
The Future is Prism: How Binocularity is Transforming Eye Care
How reliable, repeatable, and accurately can you measure and test for prism correction? This was one of the questions Jason Hurley, OD, posed to attendees of a recent Review of Optometric Business and neurolens webinar entitled “The Future is Prism: How Binocularity is Transforming Eye Care.” In a conversation with Neurolens Vice-President of Practice Development Jenny Smith, Dr. Hurley shared his personal experiences with treating and prescribing prism correction, and how with the help of Neurolens, he’s better able to keep his patients comfortable, while also correcting their vision. >>WATCH>>
The Spectacle Lens (for nearly all my patients) Generating $135,000+ Annually
By David Zucker, OD
Nearly all our patients now spend significant time in front of a computer and using other electronic devices. That added screen time means more cases of digital eye fatigue, especially among those patients with even slight eye misalignment. Here is the spectacle lens I discovered that is changing the lives of many of these patients while generating substantial revenues. >>READ MORE>>
Developing a Game Plan for Headaches and Concussion Protocol
In sports, the wisdom of any play call depends entirely on the situation. You probably wouldn’t call an inside run on 4th and long. In the same spirit, different patients have different needs and require different approaches and philosophies. This course, presented by Review of Optometric Business and neurolens, offers insights from Amanda Nanasy, OD, on headaches and concussions from both a doctor and patient perspective. Dr. Nanasy shares what has worked best for her own patients in a conversation with Neurolens Vice-President of Practice Development Jenny Smith. >>WATCH>>
The Spectacle Lens System Helping Me Achieve a 77% Year-over-Year Optical Revenue Increase
By Matt Dixon, OD
Eye strain and headaches are an increasingly common patient complaint. Clinical studies have shown these symptoms are often attributed to the effects of eye misalignment, exacerbated by extended near-vision utilization. Fortunately, I have a spectacle lens system that is changing how I help patients with symptoms that can range from persistent and uncomfortable to debilitating. Here are the details. >>READ MORE>>
Optometry Meets Neurology: Linking Headaches & Dry Eye Symptomology
With the dramatic shift to remote working and learning, patient symptomology is accelerating rapidly. Based on lifestyle index data from over 160,000 patients, over 85 percent experience headaches and over 77 percent experience a dry eye sensation with some level of frequency. Industry commonly refers to these and other symptoms as “Digital Vision Syndrome.” In this webinar, presented by Review of Optometric Business and sponsored by neurolens, Paul Karpecki, OD, FAAO, discusses ways that optometry can establish itself on the forefront of improving patient comfort and reducing patient symptomology. >>WATCH>>
Introducing nMD2: Redefining “Possible” in Diagnosing Eye Misalignment
In a webinar sponsored by neurolens, and presented by Review of Optometric Business, Adrian Pop, OD, shared with readers the more-accurate-than-ever way to address eye misalignment. In this webinar he shares how the new measurement instrument, nMD2 from neurolens, is changing how he helps patients challenged by eye misalignment and its symptoms of eye strain and headaches. >>WATCH>>
A New Diagnostic Tool Redefining Patient Satisfaction & Driving 20% Per Patient Revenue Growth
By Gary Lovcik, OD
We are becoming increasingly tethered to our digital devices during the pandemic, and many patients are suffering from the telltale symptoms of digital eye fatigue. Fortunately, there is a cutting-edge spectacle lens with contoured prism technology that has changed how I treat my patients. And now there is a new, second-generation diagnostic tool that has made this lens more effective than ever. Here are the details. >>READ MORE>>
How Accurate, Objective Prism Lens Measurement Can Result in a More Than 31% Increase in Net Profit
By Rick E. Peterson, OD
Eyeglasses with prism can transform the lives of patients struggling with eye misalignment and the resulting eye strain and headaches. In addition to finding the ideal lens for these patients, I have also found and adopted a highly accurate and objective measurement system that ensures success. >>READ MORE>>
Practical Applications Of Prism In Today’s Medical Model
Featuring Rick Peterson, OD
In the ongoing pandemic, patients are stressed, and optometric practices are positioned to help reduce and relieve many of their eye issues. Prescribing prism offers great opportunity to change patients’ lives by lessening visual strain and headaches caused by eye misalignment amid long hours spent on electronic devices. Spectacle lenses with prism can be the life-changing solution many of your current and prospective patients want and desire. >>WATCH>>
How the Science of Prism is Transforming How I Care for Patients
By Paul Karpecki, OD, FAAO
Eye strain and headaches caused by eye misalignment can cause patients great discomfort, reducing functionality and quality of life. Fortunately, I have found a spectacle lens that is changing how I approach care of patients challenged by this condition. >>READ MORE>>
Cold Start Lessons: Differentiation is Everything
As practices continue to recover from the COVID-19 shutdowns, differentiation of the practice brand is becoming a way to gain an advantage over competitors. In a webinar sponsored by neurolens and Review of Optometric Business, Melissa Richard, OD, MS, and Michelle Ahumada, OD, share how they identified the qualities that make their cold-start practices unique, and how they are leveraging those distinctive traits to better serve patients with forward-thinking products like neurolens. >>WATCH>>
Strategies to Thrive Post-COVID-19, the New Norm
Gary Gerber, OD, and Bradley Richlin, OD, share how to differentiate your practice during this difficult time to set a course for profitability and growth in a webinar sponsored by neurolens and Review of Optometric Business. They share how you can improve revenue by prescribing neurolens and other cutting-edge products and services, so your practice is able, not just to cope, but to thrive. >>WATCH>>
The Patient-Pleasing Spectacle Lens Adding $3,000 Monthly to My Practice
By Robert M. Allen, OD
Since the start of the pandemic, virtually everyone is spending more time indoors using electronic devices and creating more eyestrain for themselves. Some of these patients are prone to headaches and neck tension in addition to digital eyestrain. Fortunately, I have a testing system and spectacle lens solution that my practice can offer. Here are the details on the high-tech system and spectacle lens that is making such a difference in my patients’ lives. >>READ MORE>>

Winning with Social Media through Adversity
Darryl Glover, OD, discusses the important role social media platforms can play in your communication with current and prospective patients in a webinar sponsored by neurolens and Review of Optometric Business. Dr. Glover explains how you can leverage social media to create communication touch-points throughout the year, drive traffic to your practice, and help your business persevere through adversity. >>WATCH>>

AI Meets OD: How Machine Learning is Impacting Optometry and its Treatment of Digital Eyestrain and Headaches 
Dr. Carol Nelson, Dr. Timothy Fries and Aric Plumley, chief technology officer of neurolens, discuss how artificial intelligence is helping optometrists improve the lives of patients struggling with digital eye strain and headaches. >>WATCH>>

The Contoured Prism Lenses Selling 12+ Per Month in My Practice 
By Melissa Richard, OD, MS
Your patients struggling with eye strain and migraine headaches have been searching long and hard for relief. I have found a spectacle lens with contoured prism that has made all the difference to these patients. The solution providing such great help is neurolens. Here are the details about neurolens and how it is transforming my patients’ lives. >>READ MORE>>
The Spectacle Lens On Track to Generate $100,000+ for Us by Year’s End 
By Bradley J. Richlin OD
Patients’ eyes are under enormous strain today from many hours logged on computers and smartphones. This can result in chronic headaches and visual discomfort. Fortunately, there is a spectacle lens helping us improve our patients’ lives while generating significant additional practice revenue. That spectacle lens is neurolens. >>READ MORE>>
The Lens Changing My Patients’ Lives & Generating an Average $600 Profit Per Patient 
By Melissa Richard, OD, MS
We want to do the best we can for our patients and seek to prescribe and sell the best possible products to meet their needs. One common need is relief from chronic headaches. It was for those reasons that I added an innovative, advanced spectacle lens last year to the brands of spectacle lenses I prescribe. The results have been impressive, both in the lives of my patients, and for our practice growth. >>READ MORE>>
How to Refocus Your Practice on Wellness–with Technology as the Key 
By Jaclyn Munson, OD, FAAO
Differentiation is critical for an optometric practice to flourish. Over the past few years, we have re-focused our optometry practice to be patient experience-centric and wellness-centered. In this process, we added technology that enables us to deliver expanded optometric services and enhanced care. >>READ MORE>>
Webinar: Eye Misalignment and Headaches: Differentiate Your Practice and Improve Patient Outcomes  
Paul Karpecki, OD, and Timothy Fries, OD, discuss how to turn treatment of eye misalignment and headaches into a practice builder that transforms patients’ lives in a webinar brought to you by Review of Optometric Business and neurolens. >>WATCH>>
Webinar: Relief Is In Sight For Digital Eye Fatigue
View the webinar, “Relief is in Sight…For Digital Eye Strain,” which was produced by Neurolens and hosted by Review of Optometric Business. Presenters Paul Karpecki, OD, and Timothy Fries, OD, describe the tremendous potential of the neurolens to positively change patients’ lives and provide your practice with growth potential. >>WATCH>>
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